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    Opinions on the o side 95?

    Fished it a few times, no complaints about the operation at all. Not the most luxurious boat or meals but if you’re there to kill some fish you’ll be ok
  2. Seeker wrapped Shikari

    Southern California Seeker wrapped Shikari

    Have a seeker wrapped shikari 908. Rod is in immaculate condition. Has ALPS reel seat and guides. Pick up in either Culver City or Long Beach. 310 500-7872 for quickest reply $300 obo
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    Seeker wrapped Shikari

    dockrat88 submitted a new listing: Seeker wrapped Shikari - Seeker wrapped Shikari Learn more about this listing...
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    Should I even bring 40lb on a 1.5?

    40lb can be one of the most versatile set ups in your arsenal. I don’t leave home without it
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    Line capacity for local yellowtail and yellowfin

    400N will fish them without a problem
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    E-glass / 8ft / bait/Jig??

    Another vote for the SS 6480
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    Shimano Calcutta 20 years later

    Still have a few of the 400s’, a 700s. Loved em so much I bought the TE in all the sizes as well as a few of the D’s
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    Inshore Shame on the Enterprise and LB report 3/20

    Let’s not paint the narrative that all sport boats aren’t practicing descending release tactics. It’s hard to say exactly what happened if you weren’t the person who hooked the fish or the person who possibly released it.
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    Polaris Supreme or Outrider?

    Comparing apples to oranges. Both are fishy platforms. Are you a base model or top of the line kind of guy?
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    Misc irons

    Box of 16 misc surface irons and 1 yo-yo. $ 70 SOLD