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    Hey folks first post, looking to build some striper rods to start.

    I will suggest contacting the rod builders in your area. Billy Vivona is one of the most knowledgeable guys and he posts in almost every rod building forum on the East Coast.
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    Help Please --- Trying to find a source for reel seat components

    They have everything you are looking for. Located in Japan, so you will have to pay for international shipping. Voodoo sell matagi components. Maybe they can get it for you…
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    Seeker Drop Rod

    Doberman submitted a new listing: Seeker Drop Rod - Seeker Drop Rod Learn more about this listing...
  4. Seeker Drop Rod

    Northeast Seeker Drop Rod

    Selling a brand new hand crafted drop/swordfish rod built on seeker TS59XXXH blank rated 60-150#. Fuji silicon nitride guides, Winthrop roller tip, Stuart 130 class bent butt. The rod is approximately 7'5" long. Looking for $650 shipped. Friend & Family or pay the tax. Thanks for looking.
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    Where did the bubbles come from?

    Mix your first coat of finish and then put 10 to 15 drops of acetone in it. Mix again and apply to the thread. Wait until the thread is wet and remove the excess with a brush and let it dry. Then, apply your regular coats of finish. Had the same problem with tiny bubbles in metallic thread. The...
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    help with Ghost Hunter 200g spinning guide train

    Depends what leader you are running through the guides. If you are casting with twisty leader don’t go smaller than size 16.
  7. Surf Shark Rod

    Surf Shark Rod

    Selling a brand new hand crafted surf shark rod built on seeker wicked 80 blank. Fuji silicon nitride HD guides and winthrop roller tip. The rod is 7’ long. Looking for $550 shipped. Thanks for looking.
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    Seeker ESM66XH Rod (SSR6660 blank)

    Thanks man! I guess once you start billing rods it is almost impossible to quit 😀. Still building for loyal customers.