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    WTB - 29'+ Radon/Anderson/Wilson - Project or Complete
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    Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    a little more than his budget. Thanks Colin! This boat is bitchin! Stoked for the new owner though
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    Todd Cape Cod Helm Chairs

    I sent you a PM. Thanks
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    2005 Parker 2520

    Posting this for my brothers. 2005 Parker 2520 DV Re-Powered in Nov 2017 Twin Yamaha 150 4 stroke outboards Under 5 year warranty 900 hours on new motors 65 Gallon Pacific Edge Bait tank 2 bait pumps Furuno FCV 587 1kw wide beam transducer Raymarine C80 (new Radar 2019) Raymarine Auto Pilot...
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    Blue Water 65gal bait tank

    I’m very interested. I sent you a PM with my number
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    90 gal Fiberglass bait tank

    I’m interested in the tank. I wrote you a message a couple weeks ago. Check you inbox
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    Calstar Avet Combo

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    Heading out to LJ tomorrow AM. ( YT, sharks, calicos and more..)

    I forgot my license at my house one day and got stopped at Santa Cruz island. My ticket was over $1,000. When I went to court I showed the judge I had license before the date of the ticket and she dropped the fine. Hopefully you get as lucky as I did. The fines are very steep!
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    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    No way that's awesome! Good to know! Thanks for the info!!
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    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    Awesome report Bryan! Congrats on the surprise seabass too! Those sonar marks are insane. What transducer are you using if you don't mind me asking?
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    PB Dorado 9/18

    Backside but there was way more life and a little warmer water off the east end. It felt pretty dead where I got this fish. I only went there because I got some a few weeks ago out there and have been checking the area every couple weeks.
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    PB Dorado 9/18

    Awesome! I heard there were fish on the dolphin! I was hoping to find a pod but didn't see any dolphin out there. Just tried to work the terns.