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    2320 low bow rail

    Tom, when are you coming out again? We ran into that bluefin yesterday, didn't get them to go, but they charged the boat chasing our chummed bait, it was crazy for Feb. They were 20' from the back of the boat.
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    2320 low bow rail
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    2320 low bow rail

    The picture from the side shows how it scales up, a nice touch. Also, this picture is from the Olive Crest event in 2019, anyone who owns a boat should consider this charity event, great cause, great people, made a ton of friends and the parkers abound. D
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    2320 low bow rail

    Hi guys, here is what Kevin Kelly at WC did for me. I custom ordered my boat without a pulpit so it would fit in a smaller slip at Dana and save some $. turns out that Parker will not install a west coast rail unless there is a pulpit. I decided, no big deal I can deal with the low railing...
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    25hp Kicker

    How much more does the 25 weigh? These boats are already ass-end heavy.
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    Best Time of Year for Surf Fishing per species?

    charts are a little hard to read, might want to consider batching the data into weeks.
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    For Sale Custom starboard

    what are the dimensions for the door holder, might mount it on the outside behind the helm.
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    For Sale New 3 rod rack and more

    Will the rod holder also hold the lid to a bluewater bait tank? If so then I want the 3 position holder and the drink cup holder.
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    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    I would think not, I know when we used to dive for them it was key not to flash them with the light. I also have heard that the white of bait cages can scare them, but not confirmed and plenty of people use white tubes. Maybe drop a few with and few without and see if there is a noticeable...
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    Seems like conditions are not going to much of an issue in that size boat. the advice is good above, look for action, birds or crashing fish. If you can, get a few macs as well, I've got bluefin (96, 105) on my last two trips with macs. Despration reef, east of SCI is also a possible choice.
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    A couple of questions might help get a good recommendation. What type of boat? How much boating experience? Where are you launching from? If you are in SD, then I'd say some of the local shore kelps might be a good place to start. May want to check out some local resources such as fishdope or...
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    I'd double-check the weather. San Diego according to NOAA does not look like a fun ride depending on the size of your boat. It may be better south. Sun Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 4 to 5 ft at 8 seconds and...
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    Seems low hp for 2520. I thought they stick 200s on them. I have a 2320 with a 300 and my buddies have the same boat with a 250 and they indicated they can tell the difference.
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    Fuel Tank Size

    What happened is the new EPA rules that basically reserve about 10% to prevent you from overfilling and splashing fuel out. Not sure what year that became effective. A number of people with this "upgrade" also have issues filling. check out bmoore's posts for some details.
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    Help need a part for front window

    I think you need to purchase the whole arm, check over on classicparker, I think there was a thread about this a few months back