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    WTB: Pedal Kayak.

    PM sent.
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    Saltwater East Cape Baja was fantastic! Los Barriles at Hotel Los Pescadores

    Nice write up and great trip! Los Barriles is an awesome destination and it sounds like you picked the right hotel/boats/captains!! If I may ask... what were the charges per night at the Hotel that you stayed in?? Thanks. Doug.
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    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    Great Intel!! Report was chocked full of good info and no wasted words! Thanks.
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    WTB shimano tld 30

    I have one that I'm willing to sell. It's in very good shape and is totally fishable at this time. Price is $160 firm. No braid on it, only mono. LMK if you are interested via PM. I'm in Inland Empire area-- Redlands, Ca.
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    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    Thanks for the excellent write up! It makes everyone more aware that the unexpected can happen...anywhere and anytime!! Thank God that "the right people" were onboard when it hit the fan!! Hero's, one and all!!
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    Offshore Pacifica Overnight 6/6-6/7

    Congrats on your successful trip. Great photos and great writeup!!
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    Inshore Good luck charms at Izors 6/4

    Nice triple on the double!! Dogs are the Sh**!! Way to go Allen! Good work with the balloons as well-- you can make wahoo jigs out of all that mylar!!
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    Stinger Micro Jigs by JRI Custom Lures

    How do you BD'ers plan to fish these mini-JRI's??(both heavy and light versions). What species do you target with them??
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    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Awesome fish and great job!! Priority #1 is staying alive to tell the story!!
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    Inshore Izors 6/1 Tough going

    I believe that the "red translucent worm thing" is a pyrosome. Nice job making a slow day turn into a fun day on the water! Better luck when the dogs are with you next time!! Thanks for the report.
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    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    My cousin played a prank on his younger brother when the brother got married... he took dog poop and smeared it all over the radiator of his "escape vehicle'. As the car got warmed up the newlyweds enjoyed some aroma therapy as they traveled to their honeymoon location!! Several years later...
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    Hi Charlie. Interested in the 700H. Does it have any problems?? Any guide damage or reel seat issues? Additional pictures??? Thanks.
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    What a great story!! Thanks for sharing this very touching experience!! Phil Freidman(The Voice) did an amazing thing by bringing these individuals together! Thanks to all for doing so!!
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    Inshore It's on at the Shoe 5/19

    Nice job and great pics!! I love seeing your dogs in action!!