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    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    JP, always goes to the crew$$$$$$$$$
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    Found a nice rod and reel while lobster diving last night

    Is it a Shimano Tekota 500, with a Okuma Catalina Rod, my son in law dropped overboard.
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    Mission belle with 3 bft?

    Yup, the boat also got 67 Yellows, for 22 Anglers. Fred Halls in town that means the season has started, "oh my".
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    Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    That's the way to TKO Tuna, nice job Tito. Ding, Ding.
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    Late Report: YFT & a Striper!!!

    I like Marlin saladLOL. Nice job.
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    8/29 west of Del Mar

    Hey Jason, is that map a AT&T app on your phone?????
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    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Nice job LJ, hey did you make that bait bag? Looking for a light weight set up like you have for a extra bait tank for my boat.
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    Slow Trolling Sardines and Chunking (video)

    Nice job Corey, keep those great videos coming. Taking the grand kids out tomorrow what area were you fishing, thanks.
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    Video at 30 mile bank cashing out!

    Wow, great job on the video and the fish caught. Love those bamboo outriggers, where did get them?
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    Never made it to the 9

    Very nice but you always eat your first bluefins Heart, then have a beer chaser:food-smil:hali_olutta: