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    Speedmaster TSMll

    The 15/30 and 20/40 tld star is the same I believe. There is a used one on ebay now.
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    Question for Bantam 1

    That was my understanding but also only based on what I had read. I was looking for a BFS50 for a TOR20 but if the 40 cams fit that opens up more options.
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    Omoto GTR 15

    Maybe a Tld 15 with the drag washers changed out for carbontex. The Penn squall 30 or 40 ld is another option.
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    Best braid for the komodo

    Trying Tasline on a 364 and should get 330 of 30#. A super thin true 8 ply braid that tests out at 49#(Paulus line test) and is white. Expensive but ticks all the other boxes. Lifted from sales add Tasline Elite White is the top end braid manufactured by Tasline in New Zealand, from the...
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    power handles for Penn Torques and Fathoms

    Alan Tani has a few styles he has made and sells. Very well made, all be it a little heavy for smaller light weight reels.
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    Ultralight Spinning Reel for Mackerel & Trout...?

    I bought a 500 size reel once.....never again. The very small diameter spool lip restricted casting to much and the short handle was awkward. I use a 2500 Stradic running fine 6lb which casts very well with light lures and now would not go below a 2000 size reel. Both the Shimano reels you...
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    November Brisbane - Looking for Recommendations

    March is good time for pelagics and ok for bottom/reef species with a really wide variety of fish available. Weather is normally very warm to hot and usually dry.
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    HELP-advice on rods

    I have a Calstar gf700xh with a saltiga6500. For me the shorter rods balance better with the spinner, are much more comfortable to fish with and really give very little away in casting distance. I have fished poppers with it and see no need a buy a specialist rod instead of the versatile...
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    Wrapping handles on pliers

    You could recycle old or spare 100lb braid. Simple three plait to build it up in thickness.
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    Rod Rating -- How Is It Decided?

    I had an old (2002) Daiwa vertical jig rod that was rated 6-8pe but also had "max drag 15kg" on the rod. I always thought it was useful information that more manufacturers should adopt as a guide.
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    Changing out yo yo irons

    Owner ST76... stronger than the ST66. The 66 is fine for most things but can still bend. If your breaking hooks the 76 might be worth considering.
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    LA Nina coming up

    My basic understanding is that there needs to be three consecutive months of strong numbers either way to call it. That is why the guys in the middle of it, farmers or fishermen already have a pretty good idea before any formal announcement.
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    TLD-30 Stock Shimano TT0246 Vs Carbontex Smooth Drag Washers

    A poor fit around the outside agreed but the smaller center hole is real improvement. More surface area will mean slightly more max drag and also better heat distribution.
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    budget spinner

    Good idea, I have a 6500b which is perfect for beginners or the newer models in a 8000 size.