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    Offshore Fishing Report Kelp Action 08/29/23

    Launched from Shelter at 0530, lots of fog, burned off after an hour or so. Went NW towards the N9, had 70 degree water and some signs of life. Pushed about 8 nm NW found colder water at 68.5 but also the biggest paddy I have seen this year. Rolled up and was a pretty instant bite. Of course...
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    Offshore Bluefin off a kelp 8/29

    That's a beauty Cody! Fly line butt or nose hook?
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    Get Ready:

    Easy the CCA supports this type of unlimited commercial fishing for pelagic YFT, 100%. Those fish will likely be turned into cat food or fertilizer. It's why I stopped supporting CCA years ago. They clearly do not have the interest of the recreational fisherman first and foremost. Only way to...
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    Get Ready:

    With 100% support from the CCA too....No YFT quota, what could possibly go wrong?
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    Islands Got my jig back

    Nice work Cody, way to stick with it. Beauty of a yeller, how big were the BFT?
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    Offshore Late report 7/12

    Headed out of Shelter at 0530, went up above the 178 to look at the chloro break. 68 degrees and clean but no action. Turned south and booked it down towards the 101 and found the fleet about 8 miles below the 101, maybe halfway towards the Upper Finger. Found the liberty stopped and soon there...
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    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Have a Grady Gulfstream 232g with 140 Gallons of fuel capacity,1.5 to 2.0 NM mpg I launch out of Shelter Island Looking for 2 to 3 guys. Typical costs if we run all day for 3 incl myself $100-125 Mostly fish weekdays, Mex/US waters for all the pelagics, Coronado islands for yellows, halibut...
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    Offshore Human Trafficking 5/13 around 425 during daylight

    It's been happening for a long time, nothing new other than it's completely out of control now due to a lack of any meaningful border under this administration. I've seen it all firsthand, glad to be retiring...
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    Wrong answer. Recs provide 10x more revenue than the comm guys for YFT. Plenty of other species for them to target. CCA is not a recreational centered advocacy group. I would suggest everyone to consider canceling their membership until they get on the right side of this issue....
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    That's not the only purpose it's used for. And the overall US BFT tuna is minimal, maybe 50 tons? The YFT tonnage is unlimited. They do incredible damage to our local fishery. Let them make a living on other species NOT one of the most highly prized pelagics that recs target and supports the...
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    CCA supports the commercial guys wrapping unlimited amounts of YFT in our local waters for cat food and fertilizer. They do a huge disservice to the recreational fishermen when they take these positions and it's why I've cancelled my membership and no longer support the CCA.
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    Nomad 200 Madmac’s trolling connection suggestions

    Thoughts on this setup? 80lb hollow braid with a Bimini twist and connected to a 20ft 130lb wind on fluro leader via a cats paw loop to loop connection. At the terminal end I was planning on a Palomar knot and with one double crimp just in case.
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    Islands Rock cod 12/10

    Nice we were out there as well fishing the tournament, same area, loads of reds up to about 4lbs
  14. Fujinon Techno-Stabi Binos 14 x 40 with extra lense filters

    Southern California Fujinon Techno-Stabi Binos 14 x 40 with extra lense filters

    Excellent condition Fujinon stabilized binos, includes case and 48mm amber Hoya lense filters for better kelp paddy spotting. Located in Chula Vista area......REDUCED PRICE TO $850.00...
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    Offshore Seiners back

    And I refuse to accept the status quo year after year. These are the guys that the seiners are worried about, Make sure you let them know how you feel about the situation. IATTC is responsible for the conservation and management of tuna and other marine resources in the...