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    Uni to Uni with braid is not a strong knot at all (tested by Sportfishing Magazine a few years back). They actually found no knots were good, except the hollow splice, and recommended respooling with fresh line if you have lost too much.....
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    Pre-Season on the East Cape

    Sounds a great time to me! If those were the "White Bonito", they are absolutely delicious, with a very light colored flesh. They call them Albacore in Panama, they are prized table fare....Easy to distinguish, they have a pretty good set of teeth on them compared to Bonita....
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    Shipping Fish from San Diego to Washington

    If you are flying, checking frozen fish is easy and the cheapest way to get it home. Done it dozens of times from Mexico and Panama. AO soft cooler 36 can size will weigh just under 50 pounds when full. Regular coolers weigh about 10 pounds empty, so you can bring home more fish and keep it...
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    WTB 6 hp Merc. Outboard

    Small Mercury and Nissan motors are all made by Tohatsu. I have a 6 hp Merc and a 4 Nissan, they both are good motors.....
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    How often do you remake your braid loop on your reel?

    I tied the loops (a Bimini) with a section of Dacron slid over the braid before you tie the loop. That was the instruction I was given (I was actually putting a loop on the end of the braid I was using as backing on a 14/15 wt fly reel I was rigging up for Panama). The piece of Dacron Gives it...
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    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    Your situation sounds much better...They actually took many properties and are under the protection of the local politicians...
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    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    Sounds like a mess, good luck resolving your issues. I fished at a lodge in Belize with a guy who owned a hotel in Tulum. He bought it back when land was reasonable, and spent a ton of $$ fixing it up. Tulum became a trendy destination, and local family/politicians/thugs literally came in...
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    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    Not going to tell you where we were fishing, but its no secret! Not north. Never concerned myself about structure, most of the beaches drop off into deep water, the fish move in off the shelves. Biggest concern is finding protection from the wind. Look at google earth and find beaches that...
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    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Not to mention the fact that if you smoked a whole joint, you would be way too high!!
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    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    We caught the Jacks and the Dorado on essentially Musky travel rods. They were Cabelas 7' Heavy action Fish Eagle 4 piece travel rods. 20 pound fireline (which actually tested over 40 pounds true breaking strength) and 30 pound fluorocarbon leaders, only 3' long or so. The reels were nothing...
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    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    Bring your 8 wt. I have been down over Christmas and March and caught plenty of fish with the fly rod during the windy season. Besides, it you are there for 6 weeks it is not going to be windy every day. Intermediate line and small Clousers and Sardina patterns. Also bring some Roberts...
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    Trump 2020

    We all will still have to pay the payroll tax. This was just a temporary delay in when we have to pay it...I think a lot of people are going to be in for a shock when they have to pay it all at once. And you couldn't opt out and keep paying it....
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    Trump 2020 6 million Votes LOL
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    Looks like Rancho Leonero is for sale

    Fuck yeah. Prohibition only succeeds in creating organized criminal organizations. But I think we are bit off topic here ;)
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    Loreto November Report - Lots of Sierra and Dorado action

    That really looks like fun, light tackle DYI and camping! Not trying to be a dick...but I am pretty sure that unless you are a Mexican citizen, it is illegal to use nets to catch bait. Might not want to post that on the internet!