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    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Hi guys. Question for you what would be a good rod to match with a Penn Fathom 30LD2. I usually like to fish 30lb, and I want a good all around round for offshore, be it patty fishing or WFO tuna. Something with a good backbone, but responsive. Thoughts? Thanks Kris
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    Pride: Boat Question

    Good Morning All. I fished the Pride 5-6 years ago, and I can't remember if they have outlets near the bunks. Since, then I need to use a CPAP. Does anyone know? Yes, I sent a message to the boat and I am waiting for a response, but I don't want to lose the chance to go on nice trip. Thanks Kris
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Thanks for the write up. It was very informative, I may pull the trigger on this. How has it held up these last few months? Thanks Kris
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    Offshore Welcome To The Foam Show Video. Pac Voy 7/6-7/7

    Great Video! It was interesting to see the Vagabond so close. Dave, puts together some great trips. Thanks for sharing!
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    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    Hi Guys! I will be down in San Diego for work and I am seeing if anyone has an open spot on their Charter for either a 1.5 or 2 Day departing on 9/13/2019. Already checked the landings Pac Queen is already full and the Pacifica is the only other boat for that weekend, currently.... Thanks in...
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    Pacific Voyager 2-Day 6/1 & 6/2

    How did you guys do?
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    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    FYI Oh the possibilities!!
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    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    Looking Good! Bunk selection has been day of.
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    Offshore Aztec 2-Day PB's All Around

    Yeah, that was a great trip.
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    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    I appreciate all the feedback. I have learned a few things and have some great ideas of where to look. I thought I would share what I found. This looks interesting, I just wish I could see it in a store. Any thoughts? Funny thing I found it for the same price but on a photo website, with a...
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    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    I have taken my daughters (12 and 13)on overnights and up to 1.5 trips. I use Bonine and CVS makes a generic that also works very , but I stick with bonine. The reason I like Bonine is it is 24 hrs for 1-2 pills and I usually give the night before we even get on the boat. It is already in their...
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    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    Hi All. My tackle bag finally died, so I need a new one. I had a top load one, but I have gotten to the point I am tired of pulling it out from the rack. So, I am looking for suggestions. I already looked online at the Shimano Borona, Calcutta and a few others. On my last trip, when my bag...