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    WTB SoCal (Salt) Fish Art

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    WTB SoCal (Salt) Fish Art

    Texting easiest - Dylan 714-306-6881 But msg's good too!
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    WTB SoCal (Salt) Fish Art

    WTB a painting or 2 of SoCal saltwater art.. Yellowtail.. kelp forest. Calico. Show me what you got! Limited budget lookin for a good deal. Any biters?
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    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    Neat thread. Like others I dont think this is my very first memory.. but probably first real noteworthy one. I was 5 years old, in the Ocotillo wells region on a dirt biking trip. We were camped near the Coachella Canal .. about 12' across and 2' deep. But it held catfish and bass and bluegill...
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    Awesome wahoo strike

    I watched this video. Crazy. The wahoo were getting so aggressive the guys were getting scared and barely wanting to target them.. like 3-4 times did they launch like that out of the water and a couple times it was directed at them
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    Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    Great ling and that's a really vibrant Bocaccio in that mixed rockfish pic
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    C&C Jigs

    I bought a Z bar and a couple small name C&C'd jigs this year. My best catching light jig this year was a JRI
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    Yo Yo rod?

    I use my Phenix Axis 720 XH for Yoyo
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Sorry to hear your order didnt work out. My Fathoms have been absolute workhorses
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    I was on the Mustang trip yesterday. Avg fish was 30-35lb . Biggest that I saw was pushing 50.
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    Calstar Recommendations?

    Since many have mentioned the 90J. I fish one as my jig stick with a fathom 25n .. I do often wish I had chosen a slightly larger reel for more capacity of 40 mono
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    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    3x strength is stronger than 2x but not quite as strong as 4x. Hope this helps
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    New Lo An fishes Thursday December 5, 2019

    Perhaps they will offer you a guarantee to catch a triple digit bluefin or your money back! :food-smiley-014:
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    How big are these YT?

    I've gotta say that sushi pic looks delicious. We got some Kelp yellows on a recent trip I took on Toronado. They were 1-2lb fish.