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    Deadheads in BDLA

    There’s o problem and yes I use pAy pal. The web just sends me an email if you respond on the web
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    U need to get out there bob
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    Deadheads in BDLA

    Juans back in San Quintin. In case anyone’s interested. Time fir different fish. Wish I could go. But it’s hunting season lol
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    We had a great tip of a lifetime with you thank s
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    Deadheads in BDLA

    U will Chris fishing’s hot The place is peaceful perfect
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Last Minute Trip***

    Rooms are clean yes air-conditioning there is no restaurant but there’s many around. And Enrique and the guys are great guides
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Last Minute Trip***

    If you don’t have a place or panga yet I recommend daggetts
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    Deadheads in BDLA

    Thanks for the info awesome grade of fish
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    Going to Bola need info

    I’d contact daggets for last minute info. I was just there fishing’s awesome. U can check out capt juans report
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    16 s are plenty. Everything s hitting jigs well. Baits great for the groupers though
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    Bahia Gonzaga

    I’d pm captain juan
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    Daggets place and people are the best !!!
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    7/1-7/2 in BOLA with Juan

    Today capt juan wide open yellows. On iron get with him
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    BOLA June 28,29,30

    Great pictures the Golden is good luck. And do great!
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    6/21 tru 26/20 denis quesnel,dead head lures

    It was great meeting you guys also. Glad you did well with the lures. Maybe see u next year we’re already booked