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    Braid line for jig reel.

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    Braid line for jig reel.

    Here's another vote for Daiwa J-Braid ×8. I used original Power Pro for a long time and liked it, but last year switched to the J-Braid on my jig stick. Casts and feels so much better. Braid over straight 40lb mono which I used growing up let's me use smaller reels now for surface iron.
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    TRADE Newell P229 for Saltist 35h

    Looking to trade a Newell P229 in great condition for a Saltist 35h blue and black model in great condition ( I don't need one that's scratched up).P229 comes with clamp, after market handle and original handle with box. It has about 300yds of 50lb PP. there's mono underneath. Face to face in...
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    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    The way you prepped that mackerel looks tasty!
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    Daiwa saltist bg20 vs other reels?

    The BG20 is the best in its class(price and performance)
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    Brown Bait

    As a young kid in the late 70's I grew up fishing the Daily Double and the La Jollan if i had extra $$. Paul Nakamura was captain of the DD at the time and Fred Huber was a young deckhand. They both taught me to always butt hook a brown bait. It was always queenfish or white croaker. Both were...
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    Daiwa Saltist for Surface Iron

    I have both and prefer the 35 over the 40 for throwing iron.
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    Rod recomendation for Daiwa Lexa 400 HSP

    I've used my 400 on an older 270-8c and a 270h-8c and slightly prefer the 270 for what the original post from 2017 was asking. Perfect for ME to throw both plastics and lighter iron like Tady C. Gotta get clamp though.
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    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Best report I've ever read on here. Congrats on the Sword and BFT!
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    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Marinate 1in thick fillets in your favorite vinegar for 20-30 min. Season with season salt then roll in Panko bread crumbs. In a non stick pan over medium heat and a little cooking oil brown til panko is crispy. Just before taking out pour a little beer over the top and let it cook another 20-30...
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    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    As a kid the OB pier bait shop always had a hoop net ready just for this reason. You would just run over there and they would give it to you. During the early years my brother landed a 30lb class YT this way. In 1979 I landed a 24lb black seabass at the end of the pier this way. It took a few...
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    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Cool catch congrats! We got one to the boat while fishing for reds off LJ in April. Ate a frozen chove on the way up. When we saw it three of us were kinda shocked. We didn't want to gaff it so made quick decision to bounce it. Snapped the leader and was gone, bummer. My dear late brother Jun...