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    NBIN Talica 16 II

    I will take it!! Check your PM
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    Offshore 1.5 on the "big" boat 8/28

    No Pics and No Boat Reference= B.S.
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    Offshore Limits of Blue Fin Tuna on The Pride 2 Day Charter

    It was an epic charter trip for sure. We put some wood on them blue fins. Great team efforts and we lost very few fish that were hooked as a result. This was my second trip on the Pride this year. Excellent crew and always fishy boat. Rick, I am already looking forward to our next trip.
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    Offshore Couple firsts on the pride, 8-14

    Thanks for the report. I'm really looking forward to upcoming charter trip on the Pride.
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    Did someone on BD take this pic?

    Doesn't look like my albie.
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    Offshore New Lo An 1 & 1/2 day on Mon 08/13/12

    Thanks for the candid report. Will be on NLA in the near future.
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    Offshore Outer Limits Aug 8-9 2day

    I hope the bite continues...... Great job!