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    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    When do you get the hookset? Fish pull the live bait off the clip, run w the bait, then set the hook? Or does the hook set occur with a tightened down rigger clip? What rigger clip are you using?
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    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Def catching more cows these challenge is the larger they are, the more weight required to send them back down. And then, reeling that sum bitch weight back up...!!!
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    Redemption 12-20-20

    Ping owns and runs the Alicia. He’s a good dude. Always upbeat.
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    Breaking news...
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    Mission Bay, 9/2

    Doubt that’s smelt or grunion. There can be schools of macks or yellowfin croaker, that’ll move through the bay. Yellowfin’ll hit the crappie jig or ghost shrimp. Other variety can be mullet (but you should see some jumpers). Less of a chance, small barries. I’d have a trout rod w 4# and a...
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    SOLD Calcutta 700S first $120 can have it

    Received in very good condition, thank you! Jim
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    SOLD Calcutta 700S first $120 can have it

    HeyMr. Dre. , please offer an update (receipt of $/approx ship eta) at your convenience, thank you. Jim
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    Ho Hum another Covid-19 Day.

    Been hating my rods without reels seats so went to Squidco and loaded up on rod making stuff. Already burned through three rods, lol. My buddy in Texas says they’ve shut down the boat launches due to the virus...oh hell no if they try that here...
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    Found Life Vest- LJ

    LOL...thought this post would’ve hit the person who lost it. I know I hate flushing a hundred bucks down the drain...
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    Found Life Vest- LJ

    2-22? Very good condition. Figured it blew off a boat as this is a nice, near new vest. Describe it a bit and I’ll be happy to return.
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    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    He's just asking for a friend!
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    Lobster...u tell me..

    I have two gauges and measure w both...they go home, if tight tight. This was my question posed on the DFW forum...