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    WTB Bought mak 20 from charkbait , need a rod

    Okuma pch xxxh. The xxxxh is too heavy for the mak20. I just checked out both
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    In need of trailer advice

    No issues with Pacific for me. Just had them refresh my trailer this year
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    Venice Louisiana fishing charter recommendation Cool dude, Freeman and best place to stay in Venice as well.
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    Right price for custom tower???

    Plus for Tom like the other guy said is he knows whalers up and down since he rebuilds them. So if you need anything else done or just want to bounce ideas off him, he can help.
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    For Sale 24' Skipjack flybridge "STANK FISH"

    good looking boat. how many hours on motor and what cruise speed/fuel burn?
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    Bluefin in the Bay???

    Yep, I drove by a big model foamer that time right outside of the harbor with a guy hooked up. We were idiots and just stared in awe. Chased them later in the day in 600ft of water. They are fish, it happens. Doesn't mean they'll do it again anytime soon
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    Is Southshore launch still a zoo right now?

    I don't know about SD, but Dana Pt was night and day last weekend as compared to pre-labor day.
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    Bring down for aid and giving

    Yes, who do you deliver to? Headed down in November and would like to do the same
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    SOLD 2004 Super Panga 26ft with a Diesel

    Certainly a great looking ride
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    SOLD 2004 Super Panga 26ft with a Diesel

    I think the link above for the 3.7L is a gas motor. Maybe this boat has the 1.7 merc diesel
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    For Sale 16' Radoncraft 1989

    But did you shoot any bft?
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    BFT hook up, but lost

    The west end was just as sloppy. Fish were tough to spot with the whitecaps. From what we saw/heard, a few guys got one but overall slow. A totally different day from Sunday.