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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Richard, I would call the fishing good. One day we went south, and fished around Roca Ballena, and the reef a half mile offshore from it. That's a fishy place. We caught a few of the biggest, meanest calicos I've ever seen. Also some really good sized bonito. We didn't get any yellowtail, but I...
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    We ended up staying a few days at La Bocana, in the cabins on the beach. They were very comfortable, and reasonable. Thanks for all the info. And - nice meeting you, Mike.
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Thanks all. I can't wait to check it out.
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    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Fished the last couple of days at San Lucas Cove. It's extremely humid, and thinking of relocating to abreojos. I've never been. Any recommendations on where to stay?
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    Questions on BOLA

    Thanks for all the great advice. Are there any other recommendations on hotels?
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    Questions on BOLA

    I'm a rookie, as far as BOLA goes. I'm thinking of heading down there with my 22 year old son, the first week of September. I have a few general questions: What are the camping accommodations like? What are the hotel accommodations like? Which ones are air conditioned? How much do they cost...
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    Late 7-1 report. 9/182/almost corner

    Thanks for the report. It's valuable, even if it wasn't productive!
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    Santa Rosalia

    I also have met Deep Dave and his wife Martha. They are very friendly and generous people, the type that make up fond Baja memories... Have a great trip!
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    Tony Reyes.

    Excellent pictures, thanks. Seems like a real adventure!
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    Recent visit to San Lucas Cove campground?

    Thanks Jim. I appreciate the update.
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    Recent visit to San Lucas Cove campground?

    I was wondering if anyone can provide a recent report on the San Lucas Cove campground? Are the toilets and showers working OK? Is there anything to be concerned about? Thanks in advance!
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    Any reports from San Lucas Cove/San Bruno?

    My son and I are heading down for our annual trip in a couple of weeks, and were wondering if anyone has any recent information? Thanks in advance...
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    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Love your videos! Thanks for posting them.
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    San Lucas Cove 7/12 - 7/19

    Thanks for that, Jim. I'll have to remember it for next time.