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    Offshore Thursday 6/10 upper 9

    Swordy for sure!!!
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    Offshore 5/18 9 Mile Bank and Coronado Canyon

    Thanks for the report all info is good info. And a GIANT THANK YOU for your service!!!
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    Inshore 4/28 lajolla 15 year anniversary

    Happy Anniversary, me and my better half celebrated our anniversary yesterday.
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    100# rigging advice

    I have 2 HXW Raptors and both are filled to the top with 100# JB Hollow core. I splice in my own loops and make my own wind-on leaders. The needle kit and wind-on jig are not that pricey and you can YouTube the videos on how to do all the necessary splicing and rigging!!!
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    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    Get the kit from and watch a video on YouTube and practice with a few old jigs. I use my kitchen butane torch which works perfectly for doing the job of silver soldering.
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    Came across this jig website

    Have a custom Captain America Z-Bar from there and if your lucky you can get one of Randy Steel's irons there. Of all my Irons and I have many from over the yeats my Steel baits are by far my favorite.
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    Link to DFG Mex fish declaration

    Surf Doc is in someways still out there killing fish. When Sluester passed away, Trish gave me an old broken rod that was out in the garage. Took it to ECBT and had them fix it so everytime I go out on the water SURF DOC and SLUESTER are riding co pilot!!!! BTW this old GUSA blank is still...
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    100lb. braid recommendations

    Same here anything 60# and up, just go with JB Hollow and loop to loop connections, 50# and under I like sufix 832 with an RP knot
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    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    We lost one alot closer to home during the last full moon, but that was before the 3-1/2 weeks of shit weather locally.
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    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    We have been fishing more now that we are slowing down with the car racing(both boys are Track Champs), plan on seeing alot more post from us!!!
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    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    You have no idea Mike, he is getting huge and his brother towers over me now lol
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    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    I was out looking south of where your talking about, didn't find what we were looking for or see any sign.
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    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    My boy and I went out at O'Dark thirty looking for fish. We hit La Jolla hoping for a shot at some yellows, with none showing on the meter or on the surface. We booked it north and looked for some bottom critters. We went home just shy of limits(could have stayed longer and got limits for...
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    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    I really like MudCrutch, Tom Petty's band from before the Heartbreakers, but they never released the stuff until after the Heartbreakers
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    Turkey Talking

    Due to Covid there will be no turkey hunting this year, all birds must wear masks which takes away from the ability to see if it has 5 oclock shadow or beard. Thank you for your understanding!!!!!