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    Bongos killed it Today!!

    I wish I had more details for you, but the captain was pretty tight lipped about the details. All I know is fish were caught yesterday (5/21), they left Newport Harbor at 6am for a 6 hour trip and then ran offshore. The bait at the barge was a mix of everything yesterday, anchovies, sardines and...
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    Bongos killed it Today!!

    Bongos fish were offshore
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    Bongos killed it Today!!

    Bongos fish were 10-15lb, Freelance 6-15lbs. There was definitely no shortage of fish and both boats had chances at plenty more.
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    Opah on the Beach

    He actually wanted to bust it off at first because he thought it was a thresher. He hooked it just winding his sardine back to the boat about mid water column. His mind changed quick when it came up to color. It absolutely would have, but our long time captain of the Western Pride, Jeff...
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    Opah on the Beach

    I was tempted to title it "First of the season - HUGE REAL Opah"
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    Opah on the Beach

    Well let's hope this is a sign of more good things to come in the month of May. The Western Pride while out on their PM 1/2 trip today May 1st caught their first exotic of the year. We'll have a weight an more info once they hit the dock. Fish was caught while out fishing for rockfish.
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    Six Pack Charter to Catalina or...

    Bongos Sportfishing 6-Pack Sportfishing Give us a call at Davey's Locker and we can get you all the information you'll need 949.673.1434. If you definitely want calico's and in good numbers, make sure to look at possibly going out to San Clemente Island, we've even caught a few yellowtail...
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    San Clemente Island Yellows

    There has been some squid but not yet enough to pull down the crowders.
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    San Clemente Island Yellows

    We went 2 for 3 on Saturday on the Thunderbird. The water is definitely getting there condition wise for numbers of yellows to start showing. Two were hooked on stripped squid, 1 lost, and the other was on the surface iron casted under some turns.
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    newport 1/2 day

    Hey Denis, Fishing on the Newport Landing half day boats has been pretty good the last few days on the rockfish. Make sure you have some 8-12oz torpedo weights, 1/0-3/0 hooks and at 20-25lb test, heavier line is fine. If you haven't already seen the count from yesterday is was good Newport...
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    Free Parking at Daveys Locker

    Unfortunately as many have said parking right by us is all paid $1.50 per hr with $15 max per day. If you don't mind the walk come drop your gear off in the office and you can find free parking in the residential areas that are close by. Just take a look at the map.
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    petition to keep johnson valley open

    I signed. Hate to see this amazing piece of land become something of a memory. The MLPA stuck it to us in the ocean with closures and now to see it taking place on land, for a different reason, sucks. Would hate to see all those rock trails go undisturbed and unused. See you on the...
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    Happy Holidays From Davey's Locker 35% any 1/2 or 3/4 Day Trip

    Happy Holidays From Davey's Locker Sportfishing As a thanks to all our customers over the last year, we wanted to extend a special offer just in time for the Holidays. 35% of any 1/2 Day or 3/4 Day fishing trip and all 2.5 hour Whale Watch trips. 35% off Davey's Locker Trips(<==...
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    Thunderbird 2-Day Tonight Only $250

    The Thunderbird out of Davey's Locker Sportfishing is leaving tonight on a 2-Day at 9pm. The trip is a guaranteed go with on 16 anglers currently on the boat. They will be targeting Yellowtail, Dorado & Tuna. Mention Bloodydecks at time of booking and go for only $250, Mexican permits...
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    White Sea bass & Yellowtail on T-Bird today

    We just got a report from Jeff on the Thunderbird. He hooked a Yellowtail last night when they got to the island. Today they called in with 2 White Sea Bass, and 1 Yellowtail, with more big fish that got off. We currently have 15 spots available for the next overnight leaving on Sunday night...