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    SOLD Stuff $20

    What stickbait and popper are those?
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    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I have both, and while I’m confident using the HX in that application, I’ve also never wished I had smaller/lighter gear when fighting a large tuna. If you’re going to have 1 big fish rig I’d go with the HXW. It’s wider but not awkwardly wide.
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    SOLD Avet EXW4/0 2 speed

    Thanks, missed that.
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    SOLD Avet EXW4/0 2 speed

    Sold Sold Sold Avet EXW4/0 2 speed for sale. This one has the upgraded drags from Avet. Holds over 500 yards of 100# spectra. Great budget and bulletproof reel for the local bluefin flat fall fishing. Includes clamp and hardware (it’s not the original clamp). This reel has seen very little...
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    For Sale New Penn Fathoms - 25NLD and 40NLD

    2 Penn fathoms for sale 1 25N 1 40N Both brand new. I opened the boxes to check them out as I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them, but decided I don't really have a need for them right now. All clamps, hardware, etc. included Asking $200 for the 25, and $220 for the 40. Those prices seem fair...
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    WTB WTB - SKB 7200

    Weekend bump...
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    Tern 600 handle length

    Comparing to a Trinidad and Saltiga.
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    WTB WTB - SKB 7200

    Anyone have a SKB 7200 they want to unload? Looking for the newer model that has the option to mount the rod holders. Thanks -Dave
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    Tern 600 handle length

    Hey guys, I recently switched from the whiffle ball knob on my tern to the rubber knob which helped, but the reel still just feels a bit awkward to me. After comparing it to some other reels I own, it looks like the length of the handle is quite a bit longer than others, making the rotation of a...
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    Avet JX 6.0 G2 or Fathom 40N for wahoo bombs/iron

    In my opinion there is no need for a 2 speed on wahoo. Both of the reels you mentioned are very capable though. But if you’re in wahoo country, having a couple rigs tied up is always a good idea.
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    SKB 7200 custom

    On the older boxes that don’t have the threads for rod holders, does anyone know if you can attach them via rivets or rivnuts/bolt? Seems like it would be pretty easy but I don’t have one. Looking at a used one so just curious.
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    Cow capable options - rod/reel

    If this is your 3rd setup, I’d avoid buying cow gear. On a fall 10-day, you’ll be using your 30, 40 and 50 pound rigs much more than this. Are you covered there? What about a jigstick? Wahoo bomb rod? I’d get something to cover those bases before a cow rod. You'll likely only spend a day doing...