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    Referral request: painting aluminum windshield

    I'm looking for someone to paint the windshield on my boat- it's got awlgrip with crappy prep and is starting to bubble and flake. Looking for someone in the Huntington / Long Beach area who can strip it down and do all new prep work - in slip greatly preferred, because if I'm hauling out I'll...
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    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    If it's anything like that trawler that sank in Huntington, it'll be a year before they address it. The stupid asshole who owns it will probably be off the hook for any costs too. What a shame.
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    Lobster Buoy Light setup, show me what ya got!

    I did this in a pinch last week and it works amazing.
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    Leaving a I/O in a Slip

    Nothing changed. People buy them because they are cheaper and can be ok if you stay on top of the maintenance. Case in point: a buddy has a SeaRay with twin Alpha 1's and they're such cheap drives he's ok with replacing them if he has any issues. I vote for inboard, but we cruise as well and...
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    Windlass control arm?

    Likely just to help guide the chain/line off the gypsy and keep things from bunching you.
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    Decal cost?

    I had a sign guy named Jim Kuhn do mine and it was the same ballpark as the boat us graphics plus a little more for transom prep, but not enough for me to prep it myself - $400 ish for my boat.
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    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Triple the cost of fuel. Insurance is too high, figure $750 or so. And slip fee is $180 or so too low. Also, diver should be $75 or so a month, including zincs for the year. Maintenance is about right.
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    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Oh yeah? Prove it:
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    I’m a newbie

    Don't die. Find the bilge pump and watch that stern notch. Have enough gas and water on board. Wear a lifejacket. Make sure your VHF works. Tell someone where you are going and when you'll likely be back, and consider an EPIRB / PLB.
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    We sailed through the debris field of the boat that hit the Coronados 6 or so years ago during the Newport to Ensenada race. These two are f'ing lucky.
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    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    I checked my assessment today and found it was higher than the purchase price of the boat - OC told me that they are required by law (Xerox vs. OC) to include the sales tax in the assessed value and tax me on it (!?). How'd you get them to drop the sales tax bullshit?
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    Triple hookups oh shorts
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    Catalina 7/24

    Took a few friends over yesterday and fished the front side, starting at the can dumps and working up to hen rock. Started out with a bang, literally - we slow trolled into the can dumps and just south of the lover's cove closure something ripped off a blue mac pattern xrap 30. The strike...