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    Anyone Going down the OR coast?

    He said he would pay for gas
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    Deer hunting

    After ten days of bow hunting Idaho. Elk were not talking so I ended with a fat whitetail doe and a grouse in the same day. Saw Grizzly bear, Moose and a lot of beautiful country. Wolves have everything killed off. I was told by a local the logo heard dropped from 6500 to less than 1000 head...
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    Can’t add pictures to my post

    I am unable to load pictures up for my post. Says it is to big to upload. Any help is appreciated
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    Humptulips Shuttle

    Fishing was good last weekend. Water was low. With this rain it should be in better shape
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    Humptulips Shuttle

    Here’s the shuttle I use. Just make sure you talk to him
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    Guest Moorage in Gig Harbor

    There is a free dock in the harbor first come only good for 24 hours.
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    CQ Roll Call

    I will be there Saturday. Might head out side if weather agrees
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    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    I thought the point of a deep cycle battery is designed to be drawn down to zero and was good to keep them from creating a memory. Unlike regular batteries that need to stay fully charged at all times
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    CQ Roll Call

    I have been fishing out of sekiu almost every weekend. Camp in la push and drive to the launch. Masons does a great job at keeping people moving. They have a person guiding at the launch and a driver transporting you to a parking spot and back. The accommodations are what they are. You will meet...
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    Saltwater Sekiu report

    I was out at sekiu over the 4th. Fish are small. We got a few nice eaters but nothing large.
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    CQ Roll Call

    I will be there Friday through Monday. I will be staying in la push. We will be in a 26 defiance. Handle concrete guy. Channel 68. Good luck. We got 1 king last Saturday in area 4.
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    A puzzle

    If that happened to me. I would try to lasso and drag or maybe wait for dark
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    A puzzle

    I have been in a situation when packing out an elk. Quarter up and in packs going over a bunch of down logs. I was a bit ahead of my buddy when he stepped on a bees nest then started the turtle after he tripped. We made it to him to get him on his feet. Heavy packs. We all got stung. At the time...
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    Who is headed West to A4 this weekend?

    I will be out there. Just still on the fence what to fish for