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    BFT front side of Clemente

    Great job on the catch!! We were on the inside of Clemente early Monday morning chasing puddling Bluefin. We could not get anything to go. I finally got one hook up on a Sardine which made one good run, then snap. We did go in close and found lots of Bonita right off of the rocks. We had fun...
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    8/7/20 DP->267->San O Kelp->Box Canyon YT Paddy

    That trip will forever be in you son's memories. I still remember going with my dad and his best friend out of Dana Point to catch bottom fish in the 80s. The flatty looks like a Sand Dab...
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    DP -> 267/279 -> 209 -> 312 NADA

    Did a similar route on Friday. Lots of paddies and bait but no takers.
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    They launch out of the amphibious assault ships. They are similar to an aircraft carrier but smaller. I guess the stern of the AA ships opens and floods to launch those and other amphibious equipment. Thanks for the report.
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    Wed - with the fleet

    Good day of fishing!!!
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    302 / Coronado Canyon 7.21.20

    Great videos!!! Thanks for the report.
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    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    I am rolling on the floor!!! I have the same philosophy with fireworks.... If you see me running, try to keep up!!
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    5/8 almost a skunk

    At least you got out and made a day of it.
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    Buddy boating today with member Split172

    Glad you got your knife back. Not much worse than losing your favorite knife.