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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Steve, I’ve experienced the opposite. When the fish is straight up and down and sees the shark coming it heads towards the boat. Crewman Blake was quick enough on one of my brothers fish to slack up on the fish when this happened and allowed the tuna to juke the shark. We actually got that fish...
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Like Tom said, using the rail is a great way to keep pressure on the fish, but it’s not active enough. At Guadalupe you need to keep pulling and winding, no rest or pause. Hence the team pulling method.
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Some guys had some early knot, hook and gear failures. This is not a place to experiment with a new connection. I have used the Bob Sands (I think thats the right name) knot for years ( 4 turn uni knot in the floro and 12 wraps of spectra up and 12 wraps back over itself) and had zero breaks...
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Added a few pics including a PB 43 lb yellowtail for me
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    edited the title... Eric
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Yep, Aug 21-28. sorry for the confusion
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Got back today from the annual Myers/Nakamura 7 day on the Star today and thought I'd share some experiences/opinions. Short version is good to very good yellowfin fishing for the 3 days we were at Guadalupe on fish from 60-145lbs with most in the 75-120 lb range. Longer version is we started on...
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    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Fished Clipperton in 03 with my brother and dad on a bucket list trip on the Royal Star. Met the boat in Manzanillo on their way up from Panama. The boat was late because they got stopped on the way up by some country's (I don't remember which) coast guard equivalent and taken in to port. Story...
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    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Matt, We're headed down the 28th also, fishing the 29th,30th, and 1st with Joel Prieto. Not sure if we're going down the 1 or the 5. Eric
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    Thanks for the report! Headed down on the 28th. Can't come soon enough!!
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    Offshore Access Updates from friday reopening

    We launched out of Shelter Island Sat midday for a bay tour. They were only allowing 4 boats on the ramp at a time but otherwise no restrictions. I was surprised they did not check that we were from the same household etc. The guy manning the ramp did let slip that they would not be there during...
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    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Zboy, Not sure about November, but the chunk has been pretty good at Guad the last 2 Augusts. I keep a combo ready to drop a chunk down at all times. Either the 600N or the Tac 20 would work well for this. Eric
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    Sold the 100 lb for $50. I still have 2 spools of 130 lb. I would take $70 for ea Eric
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    I have 1ea 25m spool of Blackwater 100lb and 2ea 25 meter spools of 130 lb. florocarbon. The line is approx 3 years old but has been kept in a wine cellar or a closet in my air conditioned house the whole time. Not sure what price to put on this or even if there is a market for it. I live in San...
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    Seeker BCSW 858

    I am thinning out my rod inventory and have 1 I plan to sell if you're still interested. I can send pics. Right now, it has 1 busted guide that I just haven't fixed but is simple to do. I get up to Santa Ana and the OC every week or so and could meet up with you to look at it. Let me know Eric