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    New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    I thought that one was 400+ lbs. You must have underestimated its weight bruda :-)
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    WTB Line Winder or Spooler

    got one. $300 I am in Garden Grove. Let me know if you are interested.
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    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    Wood dowel is the way to go. The plastic bubble just doesn't last.
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    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    The best answer!!!! You must be an engineer!
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    8/21 bluefin grounds

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    For Sale Tranx 500HG-$430.00 ***SOLD***

    With Maxcuatro spectra and reel clamp !!! That IS a great deal!!!
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    New 2018 Shimano Reels

    Are they available now? I'd love to put those T bar from the Torium on my Trinidad reels.
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    For Sale Brand new Phenix HAX 907 ML, 12-30 lb

    Won this from a raffle, and I don't need another rod of this range. Retail for $269 yours for $190 picked up only in Garden Grove. Will trade for Lexa 400HD (plus cash on my end). Thanks.
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    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    Thanks Mike. I'll check with their HB store to find out. Actually, I want the 375g and 475g as Mike showed in his post. Caivo website does not show any flat fall though.
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    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    I really want some of those. Missed the Fred Hall show this year due to our PV trip. Anyone knows where I can get them online? Did a Google search for "heavy flat fall jigs" and nothing but Shimano flat fall jigs came up. Thanks gents.
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    Tn 40N brand new

    Would have jumped on it if I didn't have five of them between the Ocea Jigger 4000/5000 and TN40N. Great price for hard to find BNIB one.
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    Storing fish in PV after the trip

    Thank you all for the info. I'll try to talk to the guys working at Paradise Village where we stay. Hope it'll work out.
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    Storing fish in PV after the trip

    Our group is going to fish on the Success in Mar. Since some of the guys are from oversea, we are planning to hang around PV for a couple more days after fishing to entertain them. The issue is we don't know where we can keep the fish after getting off the boat. The boat can't keep them and...