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    SOLD Sold seeker

    The pic of the unicorn is taken right outside my front door by me........ I sold the blank ~3 weeks ago.
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    25/30# bait set up...

    6485L and tern is what I would use.
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    SOLD Used Jigs

    Consider splitting...I would be interested in the Hopkins.
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    Charkbait store....

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    I got some spar varnish to seal paracord wrapped dykes and duckbill pliers

    I just dipped mine in the can and let the hang dry over a bucket. I think I did it 3-4 times.
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    Blue Pacific Tackle website has been update!!!

    What and when is the JRI promo?
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    For Sale Lots of New Gear United Composites,Seeker,Accurates,Shimano

    Nice gear with excellent pricing. This should go fast.
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    Looking to trade an unmolested WTS S/B Ulua for a quality spinning reel. The blank is as it came from the factory. I am looking for a quality spinning reel to popping. I would consider adding cash for the right deal. Let me know what you have.
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    SOLD Super Seeker S/B Ulua

    Yes he does! He has wrapped all my rods.
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    30 & 40 lb tuna rod advice???

    I like the UC Platinum series.