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  1. Crash charter on the spirit of adventure, october 2-10, 2020

    Nice work Alan! looks like all had good fishing and a Great time.
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    Fishing has been good

    WSB #30-40 - this is a striped bass
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    Fishing has been good

    We mopped up a whole heard of Unicorns last week NorCal at its finest.
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    Just arrived,...... Anticipation building
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    Shogun back on the water?

    Jeff is amazing captain and good guy for sure, the boat is in good hands.
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    Excel - When was the last upgrades

    Looking hard at an upcoming 10 day on the big boat which i have never fished on before. When was the last face lift to interior and upgrade to machinery, not a big factor just curious. Thanks
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    90 year old fishermen

    Nice I hop to be turning the handle when I am 90
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    For Sale All Sold MAK 15 price NIB Best spectra IMO $349

    Of course man with the money always goes to front of line. I have an increadable a.ount if life shit going on. I am at home now, are the 15 and 16 available, what color is Spectra and do you possibly know the brand. Best Robert
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    As soon as I saw the colors it was a done deal.