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    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    That does not suck... way to put the young men on some fish and take a real world adventure not on a digital screen!! 🤙
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    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Awesome write up! Thx for all the info on the how's and what time👍. Really kicked up my stoke for my trip on the tribute this coming Sunday! I'll be sure to give a report once I'm at the dock. I'm tired of chasing these pesky fish on my own boat it's way tougher than I'd anticipated 😅 time to...
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    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    Thx man yeah I was kinda leaning that way to give it a try and play by ear. I've had this particular boat out in socal bout 4 times for 3 day trips each time. She does great at hull speed. Usually low and slow because I don't like knocking my teeth out LOL. havent stuffed the nose or taken a...
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    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    hey fellow BD'ers have a trip planned with a couple good friends to chase the elusive tuna. A bit bummed out about the wind patterns prevailing. What are your thoughts on a 26' sea ray sundancer cabin cruiser and safety with expected conditions. Considering maybe calling this one off if its...
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    Offshore Offshore Yellowwfin

    Hell yes!! Great report:720icon:, I thought me and the guys were the only ones that hoot and holler like maniacs when we finally get hooked up LOL, love the excitement in your story
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    Offshore Into the Depths 6/16

    :imdumb: He was on a charter maybe its not his place to fire off their fishing location...
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    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    :gaygroup: well done great write up!!
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    Offshore Sickwide poll ramsnducks vs hookup562

    He must be new to the site, he doesn't seem to know how BD'ers entertain themselves at work:smoking33:
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    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Holy crap you dont see that every day!! Congrats on a catch of a lifetime:720icon:
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    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Uhhhh Fishing Duhhh!!
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    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Freaking awesome day!! With dad makes it even more special!!
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    Offshore Sunday 5/24 Report

    Rock on folks keep up the good times catching and number sharing as a kicker!!!
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    5-22-20 bird school

    He'll yeah thats a fun morning!!