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    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Nice job, I remember when I was going through those stages. As for the getting the boat off the trailer i made three wood supports taller then the trailer then jacked the boat up with car jack and some wood. Put boat down on stands then rolled trailer as far as can. Then rejacked boat up and...
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    Where else do you Oahu guys pick up your gear?

    Check out Roy's Fishing Supply in Pearl City. Their normally cheaper than anywhere else.
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    17' Alii Kai

    Custom 1987 17" Alii Kai with twin honda 50's in great condition. Has NEW custom polished anodized aluminum top with rocket launcher, wishbones and center rigger holder. Has built in 6ft fishbox, ikima/insulated cooler, dry storage, etc. New things installed are all wiring, LED navi. lights, LED...
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    2 Months of Envying

    2 months ago I had a new addition to my wonderful family-(daughter named Cailey). So for the past 2 months, I have been reading all the great stories (in the middle of the night):rofl: and dreaming I could get out on the water. So on thursday morning I played basketball for two hours. After...
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    Does anyone know where JS marine is located.

    Wassup dude!! I got my top made from JS Marine and I'm very happy with my top. Excellent quality work. Josh is a really cool dude and easy to talk with. As far as I know I remember he told me he was going to move near sand island somewhere. Not exactly sure but here is the contact info I have...
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    T tops?

    Visit josh from JSMarine. He does awesome work. Not really a T-Top like Atlantic or Stryker, but in my opinion better. Top super sturdy. Here is a pic of the top josh did for me. Everything is custom and you can let him what you want or how you want it to look. .
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    New Years Sash!

    Great job!!! Definitely going to be a lot of happy family and friends with all that sash just in time for new years.
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    Almost ready to get wet

    Here are some pics of the inside.