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    Offshore Fishing SUCKED Today 5/18

    Try this. Bring some medium thick rubber bands. Once you let the bait back (idle speed) grab the line with your right hand. Place rod in rod holder using your left hand. Now use the rubber band (half hitch) to secure the line to a rear cleat or other suitable spot. This makes the angle of the...
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    Offshore Fishing SUCKED Today 5/18

    Great report. May I ask when you are slow trolling, do you flatline? Could you describe how you slow troll? Asking 4 a friend.
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    Offshore Smoked em.

    Boat limits are very unfair to the angler who is inexperienced and / or only gets to go out once a year. I certainly don't want to feel like I'm in a race against far more accomplished anglers. Once at the Ridge we got on a ripper Yellowtail bite. Several of us were enjoying the spectacular...
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    Want to take my 8yr old on a 1.5 day

    Whatever trip you end up deciding on, practicing at home is time well spent. Teaching a few knots ( SD jam, Uni, even the RP ) rigging techniques ( dropper loop, sliding sinker ) and even casting will make your kid have a way better time once on board. Just wait and see when somebody sees him...
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    Offshore INTREPID 04.24-04.26.2022

    Great report. You're not That Guy. You're The Guy. The Guy that makes the trip better for everyone on board. Carry on.
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    Offshore Intrepid first trip of the season 4/14/22 to 4/17/22

    Guys like you always get a wide smile from the Captain and crew when you show up. They're thinking...we find the fish, dude will catch 'em. Thanks for the details. Carry on.
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    Colt sniper question

    My first choice is an unclinched 5 turn Uni knot tied directly to the sniper. Sure you have to retie after every fish, but it's a small price to pay.
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    San Diego Fish Processors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    5 mil bags for the win! I have fish processed and shipped to Colorado for between $6 - 7 per pound, landed, in the freezer. The finished product is not available in any store. I've always thought it was one of the few relatively inexpensive / cost effective aspects of a long range trip, all...
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    Inshore #45 WSB Caught Off Dana Point!

    L J...dead for years? Now who would say something silly like that?
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    So long my friend…..Jesus Companioni!

    Anyone who ever fished with Zeus was the better for it. RIP brother.
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    Rams 31 Bengals 13 Thanks
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    This tickles my heart

    Tom, Great read. Many thanks. Carry on.
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    Inshore The shoe and Izor’s, then 1000 pounds of tuna and wahoo

    A very unselfish act. No small wonder you have so many friends. Great job.
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    Favorite experience of 2021?

    My favorite part of the '21 season was seeing all the beautiful Bluefin caught and the strategic, 'how to' details that successful anglers were so forthcoming in sharing so other people might enjoy the same thrill.