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    I don't think anyone tries to be 'that guy'. That being said any smokers smoking any tobacco products should understand that as much as they enjoy their smoke other passengers may find it offensive. Smoking while at the rail while fishing is way out of bounds, very unfair and no question makes...
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    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Thanks for the fine report Ray. Any trip with you and Steph on it is the better because of you and 'your girl'. Especially when she can outfish just about anyone on the boat. Except, of course, lucky you. I agree, you are lucky...lucky to have such a dynamite companion.
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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    So if you go on a multi day trip and come from out of you get a Ca. Fishing license and if you do for how long? Doing an 8 day. Any suggestions?
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    Strength of Current

    Does anybody know how a boat captain figures out if there is current and if so, how strong it is? What is a good current? Ive seen captain's move and reset an anchor to go just 75 or 100 yards and the bite changed from a scratch to full speed. I've seen both Cates and Osborne do it with amazing...
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Ray, Could you elaborate/ explain in detail how you 'slow pitch' ? Thanks.
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    Intrepid Bluefin report

    Captain Sam Moore sure has become a fine leader. No small wonder as he learned from one of the BEST ever to do it, Captain Kevin Osborne.
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    Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Tremendous report. Details, techniques, humor. You strike me as the kind of guy that makes every trip you're on a better one. Thanks. Carry on.
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Everyone reading this has, at one or more times had something stolen from them. It's not always the cash value that counts, it's the empty feeling you have when you realize someone ripped you off. These guys knew they were stealing. Some people just think they can do whatever they want. To...
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    Royal Polaris - EPIC 3 day trip July 30 - Aug. 2nd

    Congratulations Doug. Great read. Terrific fish 'tale'. _
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    First few days on the California waters

    If you want to shorten / slash your learning curve, sign up to It will pay for itself just with the fuel you will save. No brainer.
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    More or Bigger

    There is no right or wrong answer. It's a matter of choice. I very much enjoy the harvest; that is to say the pristine fillets unavailable at any venue in Colorado, consumed throughout the year. However, on my annual 8 day, given my age and ability, if I were to hook a 100# fish, the first thing...
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    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    Always above average, that's my friend Ray. Any trip is better with Ray on it. True stud and a fine gentleman. And, ' his girl ' usually outfishes just about everyone on the boat. I once saw 'Stef' bring a 100# plus class Bluefin to gaff in 15 minutes when everyone else took an hour and then some.
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    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    ' Zeus ' is certainly the cream of the crop out of the finest people I've ever had the good fortune to fish with. Dang.
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    371 area then Coronados 6-11-20

    Slow trolling on a private boat for yellowtail is super effective. Make sure to hook the bait vertically up through the jaw so you don't 'drown' it. Bump the boat in gear and never, ever troll in a straight line. When you look behind you, your wake should be a 'lazy' S . Here's the Real key to...
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    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Dan, You really are something else. In a class all your own. My deepest respect.