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    Costa Rincon R11

    I have to many glasses $100. SOLD
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    Original Truline D7

    Sorry no trades Thx
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    Original Truline D7

    Great condition D7 wrapped by good Old TC back the early 80s or late 70s $500. Pending
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    O95 10/10 1 day offshore

    Charter I have 1 spot available Depart Friday 8pm returning 8pm Saturday out of Helgrens Oceanside $325 limited to only 18 guys plus permits if needed Oceanside 95 Capt Rick If interested you can PM or email me at [email protected] CK
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    We should all be thanking the Capt of the El Dorado

    I'm sorry if I do a rant here but I have to give special Props where it's needed.. I'm throwing a special Thank You to Capt Jeff from the El Dorado out of Long Beach. I think the the SD and PB fleet should too. Hes been catching these tuna for 2 weeks now off Catalina but not reporting them...