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  • Hi cornfed,
    Real quick I’ve been a member I think since 2008. Love BD here’s my question I think I might have 2 accounts. 1 st account is under the username “seaslammer” which was the name of my boat back then sold it. WS off BD for awhile then slowly got back into it u see the new name finaddict .
    Is there a way we can combine both
    Thanks you I look foreword to hearing from you.
    I was fortunate enough to fly to Oregon and purchase a new boat after selling mine on here many of the guys have asked me to post my experience if you would guide me the right direction to do this maybe which form to post in would be greatly appreciated again thanks for the site.
    Good morning sir I don't know if this is the right spot for this but I wanted to thank somebody for this site. Yes it is still internet fishing but if you're smart enough to weed the good the bad and the ugly out then this is a great site.
    Hey Tommy, Would love to go on Monday of you still have room. Fishing tomorrow with Mojo. Thanks!
    Dano (253)279-0938 Text or call

    I Got us a SHIT LOAD Of Shad for Next Year Bro!!!!
    WE GOOD!!!!!
    Fucking Sucked Azz Missing You Guys Man!!!!!!

    I/WE will be there For THE FUCKING OPENER NEXT YEAR!!!!


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