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    Offshore What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    Fished NLA on the 1.5 day trip that returned the 10th. Hot ticket was the sinker rig to a size 1 or 2 circle hook your choice but of good quality. I personally fished 2 oz torpedo sinkers about five feet up from the hook and just let the bait out fast and slow it down once you start getting into...
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    Offshore Quality on the Pac Queen - 1/9 Punta Colonet

    Great write up Don. Glad we could share the rail with you on this trip.
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    Commander Out of Fisherman's Landing

    Steve has a top notch program and will work hard to put you on fish
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    Pacific Star

    Great Boat, Great Crew, Great Food and one hell of a fishy Captain. Never had any issues with bait wells. They often have lots of charters booked up so try and find a last minute slot and jump on with a charter. Usually they offer one or two spots left to fill a limited load trip and thats the...
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    Penn Fathom

    I fish the 12 exclusively for WSB. Killed plenty of schoolie yellowfin this year aswell. I originally picked it up as a smaller reel with decent drag to fish chovies this year and believe it or not it's had more deans and squid than chovies. It gets my vote. First reel I've bought in five years...
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    Pressure Cooker

    All American should say it all. Finished canning 24 cases Thursday. The worst part is I can't keep my wife and kids away from the stuff. Hands down the best way to preserve your catch. 921 meets my needs. I recommend wide mouth half pints by Ball.
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    Accurate vs Avet: Which do you prefer?

    MXL Raptor you will not be let down!
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    Cooking tuna

    Can it
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    Offshore Great Trip On Pacific Dawn!

    Fished with them this year out of SD and had a blast. Great crew and stellar Capt. That boat is fishy
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    Avet lefty for Dad

    Contact charkbait at fred hall show. They hooked it up huge last year on leftys for me. You might have to wait for them to order it but believe me they will hook it up at the show.
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    Abu Garcia Reels Record RCN60HC and 5600C4

    50lb string with 3ft of flouro. Everything from bassin to 20lb bluefin this year on that reel. Sadly the drag is now burned out. Who woulda thunk that?
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    3 amigo trip on ocean odyssey

    Great report glad I could fish along side of you guys. As far as pictures go I don't think anyone but Sergio was taking pictures we were all to busy fishing. It was non stop all dam day. As far as the bocaccio being endangered ha yeah those fish are nowhere near endangered. They were coming up...