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    Glass vs. Plastic

    Yes I have them now!!!!! The little thin wire ones.
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    WTB 32-35 gallon bait tank

    I have one off my Rampage I will let it go cheap I is about 35 gal
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    Glass vs. Plastic

    Oh forgot to add!!!! I lose them sooner than I damage them!!!!! lol There is 6 pair of Costas and 1 pair of Maui Jims at the bottom of the Pacific.
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    Glass vs. Plastic

    I agree 100% Glass will outperform plastic but the cost could be a factor.. i have a few pair in glass a some in plastic.
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    Converting East Coast livewell to West Coast bait tank

    I just took the crappy live well out of my Rampage 33 and put in a 75gal Blue Water tank. I tried to modify that POS no bueno.
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    WTB Aluminum Pipe Clamps

    I am making some custom rod holders for my boat and need the weldable pipe clamps with 4 screws. Do any of you Gents know where to buy them?
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    For Sale INMARSAT Sat Phone

    thanks i already picked one up
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    ok i will be in Rubidoux around 9 0r 10 tomorrow
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    For Sale Need room in boat storage shed

    Call me Friday 95152208six four
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    Cuttin bait for lobster

    I use a 2 inch diameter copper pipe about 2 ft long. Fill the bucket up with sardines and mash up and down.. A piece of wood at the bottom of the bucket is a great idea also.
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    For Sale Kite fishing package

    ok so what is the cost for all?
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    For Sale Kite fishing package

    How much for the elect reel??
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    FYI My Tranx and I pit some wood to 150 pound Blue Fin. And I know some young commercial fisherman who used them to sling jigs like mad. and catch