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    Headin' over

    Try Mama's for dinner if you are looking for fresh locally caught fish and strike out getting your own. Not so bad there.
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    New to Oahu Fishing

    Go get white bread from the Loves downtown (day+ old stuff cheaper). Chum the water and look for what comes up, smaller fish and predators. You may be surprised at what likes white bread (NOT brown). Then setup for what is there. I prefer rising tides for shoreline, and often apex bite is...
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    Skirt color suggestions for these heads?

    I like that kind of Odagiri head, but it's light. Strikes marlin, ahi and especially mahi (I have an old beater hacked and cracked one that mahi still nail) regularly for me, but I noticed 3 skirts tend to slow the bite on them. I think use 2 skirts even though there are 3 tie slots.
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    Question: 21 Ali'i Kai Weight

    If it helps, my friend uses a Nissan Titan to tow his Ali'i Kai at the same size, but his boat is modified and has an extra heavy trailer.
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Gee, I guess I'll have to get out fishing instead of looking at this thread for entertainment. Absolutely hilarious. Are there any records set on this one?
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Wondering when the boat owners are going to chime in.
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Hey, don't hijack the thread. There are pros and cons of fishing Mexico/Baja and Hawaii. Focus on Charlie. Much more fun to read.
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    Trolling on Full Moon Phase?

    I think the full moon phase is not a terrific time to troll deep sea. Not saying you won't catch anything (just got a 150 lb. or so black marlin yesterday on Sweet Kimi and the moon is big), but not my favorite time. I believe the currents rip faster so harder to get bait pockets, and the...
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    kaneohe bay ? tips

    9ft. boats are kind of tiny - I guess you are not going too deep, so I don't know if right or left matters as much as tides. Rising tides seem to be good for inshore luck. When the oama are here try getting some and drift. Or you can slow troll reefs with the transparent blue plastic the J&E...
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    Fluorocarbon or Mono

    Some comments here say reds/pinks turn dark at depths. Not quite accurate. Yes, solid pink/reds turn darker to about 100 ft or so (completely dark) in sea water. Solid materials reflect reds from the materials' surface. However, translucent (see-through) materials can filter out other...
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    Yellowfin vs Force vs Knife

    Don't think I would get a kami or yellowfin - they kind of scare me downhill. Forces are great except for uphill pounding and some windage issues. I heard talk that Force Maine was working on a better uphill ride, but I have not been on a new one with any improvement. Of those you mentioned...
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    Aftco gaffs SUCK

    Bruiser fish, nice goinig Jeff. At least you and Matt didn't get dragged in the water yet.
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    Ahi Fever - Needs help

    Yet another rule they are stuffing down our throats without proper notice and hearings. This cannot be legal.
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    Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish

    Tempura style works for me.
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    Handline question

    Ok so now the how to part: Needed: 1 SS wire (or pig iron) strong enough not to bend when line is tensioned, 1 trolling snap swivel (french clip style), 2 pieces of wood mounted approx. 3 ft high and able to be secured so that tensioned line will not move them, 6 wall hooks (like the kind...