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    76 Centaur for Bui

    Beautiful work Jake!!!
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    GP80 Monster for Elbie

    Beautiful! Love that blue too!
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    Reaper Guide Spacing?

    Start anywhere, with reel to be used and the static test (and guide movement and replacement) will lead you to the correct guide placement. Good luck and tight lines!
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    UC blank selection help

    They are awesome also! a bit “stiffer” but awesome for a variety of applications.
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    UC blank selection help

    I have a US76 MH I use for 25# and a US79 XF I fish 20# live bait. I set my drags on the rod at 30% of line class and pull hard. Everyone is different on how they fish their drags and how hard they pull. Robert gave you the best advice, “Go pull on some blanks”. The US blanks are generally more...
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    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    Beautiful work on multiple techniques cleanly Mastered!
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    Blue C Del Mar United Composites

    Very nicely done! Killer cross wraps! Nice color Combo too!
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    What size thread

    What Bill said X2. A looks like paint, C,D, you can see the texture of the thread more easily. Black thread I don’t think you can tell the difference in the way it looks A to D. If you use, C or D, NCP thread it flattens out pretty well after being burnished eliminating the textured look.