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    Another UC GP76 Pred.

    Icy blue and cool on this one. Killer CTHG! Love that color!!!
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    You are smart to hang on to that beauty!! Beautiful craftsmanship.
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    United Composites CE1000XF

    Definitely a sweet build. Nice thread work!!
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    Sweet Seeker 809

    Very cool!! Love the marbling, cross thread work and color combo on this one! Sweet build Steve!
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    Deep drop swordfish rod for Codzilla

    Beautiful Build! Great Looking color combo!
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    UC GP76 Pred with Alps hardware

    Killer cross wraps and color combo!! Beautiful work Steve!
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    PH93H Ulua for Codzilla

    Bad ass!!! Love the colors, I am sure Rick will too!!! Amazing fade!!
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    UC70M Memorial Rod

    Definitely a memory invoking and creating rod! Beautiful work as usual!!
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    Kicking off another set

    Bad to the bone!!!
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    Creamcicle Ulua

    That is Awesome!!
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    76 CENTAUR For Ron

    You know I love those colors!! Beautiful work as usual Jake!!!
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    Harnell Factory Colors ?

    Definitely Legit Bill!