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    Squids in tha house

    Where we're you? I can't see any need to run a hog line for squid. I was the only boat where I was. But In the past when we've fished alki with other boats we just toss anchor along the shore away from the dock. If it's calm we anchor in close proximity to others to maximize the lighting.
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    Squids in tha house

    Only issue is if those light bars are 12v and your power supply is 24v.
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    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    Pm @Nosecrets for his MA7 cords and get to catching right away
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    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Yeah but slam a pilothouse on that shit, slap an "offshore ocean pro" decal on it and boom, instant northwest favorite.
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    Squids in tha house

    I bought a couple 2ft LED light bars from amazon. I hang them off each side. Those on a single deep cycle will go almost all night. Anchor is preferred but on a calm night you can drift and do well.
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    Squids in tha house

    Maybe but to be honest I prefer squid to any fish on the table
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    Squids in tha house

    Guy's cycle through there at a pretty good rate so if you stick around you can back fill. Also if you got a good light setup you are VIP and usually guys will be glad to let you setup next to theme. That being said, fuck the dock if you got a boat.
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    Squids in tha house

    Took Clockwork Auxiliary (wife's pontoon) out to redondo last night. Picked a good night. We anchored a little ways off the Marine bio pier and ripped squid from about 10pm into the wee hours of the next day. Dock was also packed and on fire but good luck finding a spot to squeeze in. Also...
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    Trailer VIN Location?

    Isn't it on your title? Or is that the problem? Usually seen mine near the point where the trailer wishbones
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    Coyote's and Pets

    No, this is reality: you're an irresponsible dog owner and a coyote would still brutally kill it given the opportunity. I just can't believe you don't own a bunch of pitbulls.
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    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    Next time you tell this story, leave out the part where you called and they told you they shut the pumps off a "4pm sharp". Sucks but first world problems are fucking awesome!
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    Coyote's and Pets

    CCI makes CB longs. They don't cycle semi auto but you got a straight pull bolt action then. Head shot problem solved. Lots of options and this is just one.
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    Coyote's and Pets

    22 CB long is what you need. Makes almost no noise out of a rifle and has adequate ballistics to ruin a coyotes day. Doesn't sound like a gunshot at all.
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    1990 Grady White Marlin

    Don't undercut me man!
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    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    Plenty of grown ass men who are not ready for tuna fishing. Depends on the dad and kid.