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    Floor mat

    Steve put that mat in the kitchen or garage, come by the shop and get the boat scanned for a custom fit 23mm helm pad, hell we can even cut "Father Time" into it. :)
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    SeaDek on a mud/duck boat

    I bet the SeaDek keeps the aluminium a lot cooler too.
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    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Looks good. It should be a pretty easy sale once you hit the boat show.
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    Hugh Hefner RIP

    RIP Hef
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    Looking to buy 2830 This is "The One" Paul has it dialed in. Perfect to run charters out of.
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    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    This is a very clean well maintained boat. Someone is going to be stoked!
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    **Found** Very nice Bow and Arrow

    draw is set to 28.5" 65lb
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    **Found** Very nice Bow and Arrow

    right handed lost it in WA. Near by are some evergreen trees, a couple rocks and a fern.
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    An upgrade by BSF

    Thats a good looking kit!
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    A recent project SeaDek from Blue Seas Fabrication

    Looks good and feels better. Fishing barefoot again is awesome. And your knees and back feel a lot better at the end of the day.
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    Boat Help with non skid stains

    Star brite cleaners will do real well with stains in gelcoat.
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    Shootings at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School

    I'm very sorry for everyone that had to endure this whole event. My niece was in the cafeteria when the shooter came in and started his rampage. she ran and got off schools grounds quickly. A huge thanks to the service member who answered the door she her and her friends were looking for help...
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    This could be great news!

    slashing their catch but im sure will not slash their buying