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    Federal 9mm at walmart

    I just left the walmart in Orange and they had 100rd boxes of Federal 9mm 115grain fmj priced at $25/box but at checkout they were $18.97 each. I had to do a double take at the box to make sure the specs were right but just giving you guys a heads up if you're in the area.
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    WTB Trinidad 16

    Got a 16a in great mechanical condition with a little bit of rash (say 9/10) $350. SD also.
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    YETI 160

    $550 In good shape. No stains, no major scratches. Missing "yeti" sicker on front but includes basket and handles. These are $679+tax retail and more importantly on back order for months through vendors. SD preferred but OC is possible
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    Talica 16ii + PSW-660H660H

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    Da Bears, 09 Nov 16

    I was at the game. First defensive TD I've seen in years....
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    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Interesting, what area are you in? Maybe wait a few days and try again. The one here was definitely 60-70% off.
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    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Just thought I'd put it out there that most of the tobacco rack (cigs, dip, black n milds etc) at the Haggens in Mira Mesa is still full and it's discounted at 60-70% off. The rest of the store is 95% empty but since nobody sees the tobacco counter in the corner it's still half full. Likely...
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    Shimano OCEA Jigger 1500hg LNIB

    Bought this here on BD a few months ago and had it spooled with new 50# spectra, haven't fished it. In immaculate condition. Comes with aftermarket handle. Includes box and box contents. Will include felt Shimano reel bag. Same size and specs as 12a. This is the LIMITED edition gold version...
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    damn kids

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    shimano 40N and Torsa 16 plus other reels and rods

    Nobody jumped on that 40n yet??
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    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    it's only gay if you make eye contact :supergay:
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    Well that's a first... Boss tells me to take a "Sick day"

    the funny thing is one of my bosses actually is gay. :gay: But not the one that pays for my fishing.