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    Kudos to you, if you sold it. they got a great dealer you sold her for $60. . I have a 07 and...

    Kudos to you, if you sold it. they got a great dealer you sold her for $60. . I have a 07 and love it. Perfect for family and friends. I couldn’t imagine saying good by to her for less lan 95k. Guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. I fish my girl minimum of 3 days a week Without any issues...
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    Offshore Bluefin near catalina island

    Nice! Spinner reel cracks me up. Kudos to you and I hope you get many more!
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    Inshore 6/28 mussel farm and horse shoe

    Left Long Beach about 8:30 with fresh dead squid and live Mack’s. Fished mussel farm for about 2 hours with no love. We used Mack’s, squid, plastics and iron. After that headed to horseshoe same situation however we saw a paddy there and pulled a nice size Barry from there and that was it. We...
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    Offshore Condor report 6-23 -BFT

    Awesome report! We appreciate it👍
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    Inshore Catalina 6/21/21

    Quick report: left Long Beach 5:30am, stopped at Nachos and ended up sardines because they are out of live squid. Got to Empire at 7:00, caught 1 large bat ray, and 1 calico bass. Left and went to yellowtail point. Fished there for 45 min with no luck. Headed to bird rock and fished there for...
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    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Great post!😄👍
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    girls fishing catalina island

    Great video! You have all the ingredients for perfect Poki.
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    Fishing around Newport

    using and understanding your electronics will make you a better fisherman. I try not to follow the masses and find fish on my own through charts and numbers. Hopefully this will help.
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    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Thanks for the report! The time with your son is priceless and he will be passing down to his kids also👍 I’m sure you saw the kid trying to poach your gear and that sucks. I’ve heard of people doing it but, never witnessed it. I would like to point out divers and people that hoop share the same...
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    Long Beach Halibut 9/7

    Yes. That’s where we caught bonito.
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    Long Beach Halibut 9/7

    Had some boat issues yesterday which prevented us going to the slide so we made the best of it and fished inshore “green bouy& harbor. Caught 2 bonito, 3 halibut, 1 angel shark. We had fun.
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    Offshore Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    “Would Chuck“ in a slip Long Beach
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    Green bouy Long Beach 9/5/20 bonito and barracuda

    18-24 inches? we ended up with 3 Gallon size freezer Bags with fillets only. we ate poke today and the rest with be made into tuna fish salad for the rest of the week.
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    Offshore Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Thank you for the reply! I have a Blackman too but, it’s not dialed in like yours yet. See you out there one day👍