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    WTB Topless 16S

    What's your budget?
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    Table top propane grill ?

    Weber Baby Q. Heavy duty unlike the shiny stainless ones that are overpriced.
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    For Sale Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Lg.

    New, Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Large. ebay... 19.99 starting bid
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    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    Do you use single crimps or double crimps on your leader?
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    Lobster diving at Catalina

    There is no official Buccaneers this year, but there is some impromptu pirate activity according to the charter around the harbor over here.
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    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    Something about a patty poacher according to LTH.
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    Is the GPS antenna external or built in?
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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    And all of them are RH rotation.....
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    Thrashed skiff

    A buddy in Florida has been streaming live from gulf breeze Fl and just posted a few pics of his skiff torn off a covered boat lift...
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    I had a gnarly cut on my thumb from a splice ripping across my thumb. So I cleaned it and used liquid bandage. Did this several days in a row.on the 5th night of a 8 day I woke to pain and throbbing in my thumb. Went to the sink and found it swollen and inflamed. Gave a squeeze and the rest...
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    Long Beach Marina Boat Storage ?

    What do they charge?
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    They work good but we had a guy on a 8 day 10 or so years ago hook a big bull dorado. When that thing shook its head, that heavy cowbell was slung around banging the crap out of anything that it got close to..
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    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Fisholc is correct. Boats have permits but are unable to process in and out of ensenada.