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    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Based on what’s happened the last 4 years probably fish Bluefin and Yellows in US waters. Also I don’t get the RP is the “Alpha” boat thing...Do the boats wrestle each other?

    Shogun - Police

    Man this story keeps getting more bizarre by the minute. Doubt the truth will ever come out, unless someone gets threatened with jail time. Surprised there hasn’t been more damage control from the Landing.

    4 Crew overdose on The Shogun

    Didn’t something like this happen on the Shogun about 4-5 years ago with one of the new Captain/Owners?

    Looking to book a 2-day on July 2021 -- Which boat?

    Some of those boats while excellent operations are too small for 20+ fisherman in my opinion. The boat needs to be at least a 65’ for 20+.

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Unions were the money behind this.

    Border Info needed

    Heard conflicting rumors on whether the border crossing in San Ysidro to TJ is open to travelers. Anyone drive thru there recently or give me a link to updates. Thanks!

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Mike I fished with you a few years back on a fall Vagabond 8 day, you are a straight shooter and a darn good Wahoo fisherman. I am sorry for your loss and my condolences to you and your family.

    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Like everyone said, Bleed, Gut and Ice immediate. I don’t like filleting them, cut them in steaks and put on a hot Charcoal grill. Mix some Soy sauce with Real Mayonnaise and a little Sesame Oil, so that it looks like coffee with cream, marinate for about an hour or 2. Tastes pretty darn good.

    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    “It’s a Vermilion Rockfish” What kid says that? LOL. Great job Dad!
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    Can you park at Zuma Beach to surf fish?

    Hello was thinking about taking my grandson up to Zuma to surf fish but don’t want to drive up there if we’re not able to park. Conflicting reports on the web regarding how open the beaches are up North. Thanks.
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    Accurate BV 500 vs Avet MXL raptor

    I think you need to start using them and see how you like them. Some fisherman / women are Avet fans and some are Accurate, Penn, Shimano Okuma etc...Just go fish and don’t over think it. You learn more by being out on the water and watching who’s catching the most fish.
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    Accurate Boss B2-870 (2-speed), cast control- Must see.

    One of the best reels ever made, little powerhouse reel imho.
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    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Another vote Mike Lackey on the Vagabond.
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    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Nice clean pictures.