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    SOLD Bluewater bait tank

    Is the tank still available
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    SOLD Bluewater bait tank

    I live in long beach I could come git it right in hand .call me 562 271 3573 chris
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    WTB 30/32 gal. bait tank

    looking for off shore bait tanks.30/32 gal. call chris 562 271 3573
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    WTB 30/32 gal. bait tank

    looking for off shore bait 562 271 3573 chris
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    For Sale Great Bait Tank!

    all give you 500 for it call 562 271 3573
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    For Sale ready to be installed

    is this tank steel for sail if so can pick it up to day 562 2713573
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    Boat Ramps closed?

    are long beach launch ramps closed
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    SOLD Offshore, Bait Tank, 30 gallons, like new. $300

    all take it.give me a call or tex. win its on its way. I'm in long beach ca. (562) 271-3573 chris
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    For Sale 2006 SeaPro WA2200

    Are you Available to show the boat this Saturday if so could you give me a call 562-271-3573 thank you. Chris
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    For Sale 1999 Davis Cortez for sale

    Any pictures of the cabin and the Motor department
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    Buddy boat this Saturday 10/26

    I want in. All be leaving SI. 430 for the bait barge. Boat name Western territory I’ll be solo. Hall me on 72 I’ll come in and help Chum them up for a wide-open tuna bite. Bft.
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    Only you can make this happen..

    Nice video good job guys. Sounds like the kid missed out on a good one