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    Retired Navy Looking to Wet Line - Fri 30 Aug

    I sincerely appreciate that Rusty. I will definitely take you up on your offer one day.
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    Retired Navy Looking to Wet Line - Fri 30 Aug

    Hey gang, I'm out in SD this week on business (still work for the Dept of the Navy) and have Friday free. I'm a 24 year retired Navy vet in my early 50s. I would love to get a line wet on Friday. I have my own gear and would love to pull on some tuna, but hell, I'd just be happy to feel some...
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    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    This. My first LR trip was on the Intrepid. My first Wahoo at the Rocks, and I donated it to the galley. The next night Perry served this same dish. I came up and saw what he was serving. I shrugged my shoulders and said I'm not a big fish eater Perry, give me a half portion. After the first...
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    A Few More Days To Go.

    Ditto. Fly out a week from today, board the AA that Sunday for an 8-day. Looks like I can’t lose. Lupe or the Rocks. Either one is magical. Good luck to you. Chris
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    Mak 30SE

    I’m more set up for lighter weight gear. I plan on borrowing a rod from the AA. Called the office and they said they will set me up with a 100lb rod. I plan on using it for both flatfalls for BFTs and flylining hopefully at the Lupe. Thanks again to all. I’ve learned a lot from this board, at...
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    Guadalupe Tips

    Watching as I’m likely headed at the end of the month.
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    Mak 30SE

    Headed out on an 8-day on the AA at the end of the month. I have a Mak 30SEII that is spooled with 100lb. Am I good or should I load it with 130? About to order some Basil wind-ons so I’m trying to decided which way to go. Thanks as always, Chris
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day 8/27-9-4

    Thanks for taking the time to write up a great report! I'm a few weeks out and this is just what I needed to tide me over.
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    Seeker 8 Day 6/24-7/2 Independence Report

    Thanks for the awesome write up. I agree with John, not nearly enough anymore. I live vicariously throughout the year waiting on my turn. Be sure to check back around the middle of Oct for mine! Chris
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    Which Boat for the end of the month

    Thanks, bro.
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    Which Boat for the end of the month

    Hey gang, retired Navy boy here. I’ll be out in SD at the end of the month for a Dept of the Navy conference. I wanna jump on a 1.5 day trip at the end of the week; I’d really like a chance at some BFT. I’ve got some LR experience, and I’m actually sked for an 8-day on the AA in Oct. Here are...
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    Fall Trip Opinions

    I settled on the AA 30Sep 8 day. From what I see there aren’t any spots on the AA 8 Oct trip. @rstephens91350 thise we’re the only trips I saw in the fleet during my availability. Thanks again for everyone’s input. Chris
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    Fall Trip Opinions

    Thanks for all the input. I was leaning toward the AA, so I thunk some of y’all pushed me in that direction. Baller, we’ll see if you live up to your claim! Freegaff, I’m right up the road from Annapolis. Have your son reach out if he wants to get offshore out of Ocean City this summer. My...
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    Fall Trip Opinions

    Hey gang, got a bit of a later start on booking a trip this year and missed the one I wmated. To that end, these fit my schedule. Thoughts on any of them would be appreciated. Some things about m 1. I like good food 2. I’m very social 3. I get 1 LR Trip a year, it’s not just about Fishing...