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    San Nick Leaving This evening Friday 19th Last Minute Trip if anyone interested.

    I always miss the chance to fish this boat. My number is 760 985 2128 my name is Chris. I'll text you later to try and get on the list
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    WTB Curved Glass Windshield 99 Wellcraft

    Well my son put a rock through my passenger section windshield and they dont have these laying around I guess. My boat is a 99 24' Wellcraft Walkaround. If anyone knows of a salvage yard or has a neighbor with a similar wellcraft let me know
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    Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    next time for sure. The wind at the dock was bad.
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    Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    rough day out there yesterday. Last time I opt to not recheck weather before leaving. I saw you get your boat on the trailer solo your a pro. I was going to offer to help but didnt want to offend to you, lol. We got trolled yellowfin on the 209, baited bluefin on a patty between the 181 and the...
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    RTA is back with a vengeance!

    wow awesome trip. nice new boat
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    five days of fun

    good luck should be a great time
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    Need a full float bracket made in LA area

    towerfab has a post about it he's in orange county
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    2001 Wellcraft 22 Walk Around

    nice boat. i have a 24' and love it
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    i thought i was getting some trolling gear, he musta forgot his log in
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    pm me a price on the 2 penn's and the progear set ups please
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    30" setback outboard bracket

    That's a great idea. Much safer/comfortable is what i'm looking for. After installing the 4 stroke and the tank it sits really low so as soon as it gets windy or choppy it starts scoopin water when drifting or anchored. Can you message me your number?