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    Hx raptor rod recommendation calstar or phenix for a 6 day in september

    I agree with coffeegrinder 63 and Veronia. HX 3 speed is a bit too much for 6 day trip, I was told that 3 speed is good for a 10-15 day trip. If you don't have a LX raptor you think about that reel that can be you 50-60 set up. So this is what I brought on my multiday trip... I was able to land...
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    The New Avet G2 Series

    Inferno as in inferno fire..
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    The New Avet G2 Series

    G2 should be called "LAVA" as in volcano lava. In the G logo there are 3 arrows. You can have lava flow as a background behind the letter G. just a suggestion...
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    Rod suggestion for SXJ Raptor

    Lee, The AVET SXJ is one of favorite reels for jigging. The Diawa Proteus is a good suggestion and good for its price as mentioned. There is the Phenix Abyss rod that's is ggod and not as expensive. The Abyss has a more softer tip to whip out any jigs you use. I have both my SX & SXJ raptors on...
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    WTS - Phenix M1 and Lexa HD300XS-P Combo

    The Rod & Reel set has just been sold 1 hour ago...
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    WTS - Phenix M1 and Lexa HD300XS-P Combo

    Text me your # if i can sell the reel also separately then I will, don't need either of this reel of rod.. Thanks
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    WTS - Phenix M1 and Lexa HD300XS-P Combo

    I am selling my combo Phenix M1 SMX82H 20-45lb and LEXA HD300XS-P that spooled with 50lb J-Braid. I only used the combo once - ASKING $400 I can meet you in person in Corona or LAX area or somewhere between those two areas. If interested, please text me at (951) 808-7698. CASH ONLY
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    Pound test and top shot for AVET LX Raptor

    Hello Avet community, I am new on this forum and also new with Avet. I would like what braid class (lbs test) and top shot would be best for the LX Raptor? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
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    avet wrench

    Hope this can help, Go to a Electrical warehouse store, they should have wide screw drivers, with 1"-12' shank. know what your talking about, The slot is too wide for a average screwdriver. Home Depot / Lowes wont have it, I checked already. I got mine at a Electrical store, Bring the screw...