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    No more halibut this year :(

    Except when they ask where the bones came from :-)
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    Salmon Season in Westport should start good

    Spoke with a commercial troller yesterday out of La Push. 18 kings, largest fish low 30's.
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    MA 11 7.19

    This is Pt defiance. Saw the whole thing. Great vid dave! Happy belated birthday!
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    neah roll call/sidepot

    Pleasure meeting all you BD'ers this weekend. Great weather and even better fishing!
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    neah roll call/sidepot

    It sounds like a few Cape guys are interested. Our group will be in another cabin and are down for whatever. Headed up early Wednesday morning. Fish on!
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    Ambassadeur 5600??

    I use a 6501 for jigging. Phenominal.
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    neah roll call/sidepot

    Compared to last year opener, the weather looks dreamy
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    Anacortes Derby VICTORY!!!

    Great report! Sounds to me like you earned it
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    La Push kings

    I concur. We'll be fishing butts, kings, lings... in that order.
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    neah roll call/sidepot

    Admin, Lets repeat this year.... minus the coors light, shrimp scampi, wine, sleeping meds, 2 hours of sleep, and horrible weather! Did I miss anything?
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    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    Penn baja special made with a left hand retrieve.
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    20' Alumaweld Super-V Center Console

    I'm glad she's still here to bloody the decks "at least" one more time!
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    2013 Neah Bay halibut opener

    Fyi, I called The Cape Motel and RV park to reserve a cabin and they were all booked up. Well, they had one spot left which is now reserved with my card. So if you're looking to fish this year and haven't thought about where you're staying, I would HIGHLY suggest calling TODAY.
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    salmon river runs?

    Humptulips and the Satsop should have salmon running. Checkout the hatchery fish count data for the influx of fish. Should see a spike soon.