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    Need to program new DEC controls to a 2012 F250 XCA.

    I have a brand new set of DEC controls that I have to pair to my 2012 Yamaha 250XCA. I was told that the YDS 1.33 software and cables that are available on EBAY are capable of doing this. Can any one confirm this?
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    Yamaha 6YC command link gauge---need help calibrating fuel capacity and with initial set-up

    I picked up a used 2012 Yamaha F250XCA 4.2L four stroke for my Parker and and am in the process of installing the new DEC command link controls. I expect to have everything wired up next weekend (I hope) and have a couple of questions for those of you who may have had some experience replacing...
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    Revolution 4 (14 5/8 x 19") MERCURY RH Propeller, 48-857026A46

    I need a Rev 4 19P wheel for my Yamaha F250. Right hand rotation. If anybody has one they want to sell, let me know. I am stuck in crappy New Hampshire for the time being and will gladly pay shipping to here. Thanks.
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    Revolution 4 props

    I am interested in the RH wheel. If you still have it and will split them up, let me know. Email is [email protected] Chuck
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    Pair of Counter-Rotating (LH/RH) Mercury Revo 4 19p

    I need the RH prop that I would like to put on my F250 Yamaha. If you end up splitting them, let me know. Shoot me an email at [email protected] Thanks, Chuck
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    WTB---45 gallon oval offshore products bait tank

    I recently moved to the east coast (ugh) and am looking for an offshore products oval bait tank to slap on my boat. There are NONE over on this side of the continent, so I am reaching out to my old buddies back there. Anybody have one? Anybody know where I can get one? I will pay shipping...
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    Chesapeake Charlie rides again.......

    I've been off of the grid for waaay too long. For those who know me, I ended up getting sick of the taxes and traffic in California and took a job in New Hampshire a short while ago. Having sold my Whaler 3 years back, I have been chomping at the big to pick up another sled and start killing...
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    Moved to New Hampshire---need tuna fishing info :)

    The taxes and traffic of Socal finally wore my patience out and I took a job out in NH, about an hour north of Boston. I have only a cursory understanding of what there even is to catch out here......haddocks, cod(that you can't currently keep) and these largish BFT's that everyone has heard so...
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    2004 Parker center console

    That's basically the exact rig I am looking for, but its slightly out of my price range yet.....That rig looks sweet.
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    WANTED TO BUY: Parker 21 Centerconsole

    I am looking for a Parker 21 Center Console....Prefer older project hull with trailer that I can set up myself the way I like it. I am not worried about motor, electronics bait tank, ect.......There must be one out there somewhere. Shoot me a PM or reply below. Thanks.
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    2008 Harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide

    Thats a beautiful sled. I'll be down in the morning to check it out, Max.
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    20' Whaler pilothouse for sale

    I hate to do it, but I don't have time to use my boat much anymore and it's way to good a rig to let sit. Just a few details for now: 20' old style Whaler that was converted from a Revenge series to an Outrage. 2006 Yamaha F150 with approx. 750 hours Furuno sounder and radar, Garmin...
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    Offshore 10/4 local banks marlin rpt.

    Marlin fishing was on fire Saturday. Launched out of Mission Bay at greylight and made half a dozen greenbacks by the jetty. Shot out to the North Nine looking for the pointy things and trolled the big jigs down to the islands for nada. Around noon I had trolled back up to the North Nine...
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    Offshore Wahoo on the 267

    I'll show you what one looks like tomorrow on my sled :) . That's one bitchin looking fish. Good job.