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    Bill Poole memories

    Was in the FL tackle shop several years ago, right when Mr. Poole released his book 'Fish or Cut Bait'. I was ready to board the boat and picking up some last minute supplies and decided to grab the book. As I was settling up, the guy at the counter noticed I was from South Carolina and we...
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    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    You might also try a "Keensert", I think they make the small stuff.
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    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    I've got a microskiff (Gheenoe LT25) I use for fishing in SC and GA inshore, ain't no way I'd take it paddy hopping out west. SD harbor wouldn'tbe bad if it weren't for boat traffic. It's bad enough crossing a sound down here. 6' tides and ripping currents are pretty dicey, that's why I stay...
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    Funny Boat Names

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    reel size fresh/salt and rod

    Most of your inshore fishing can easily be handled with any bass tackle. I do a lot of inshore in South Carolina and use the same tackle for my bass fishing, sometimes even lighter when fishing trout and flounder where I use a 1500 size reel with 15lb braid on a 7' custom spinning rod I built...
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    SC inshore charter recommendation

    Sorry, saw this was posted over a year ago!
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    SC inshore charter recommendation

    Ty Jo Knot charter in Charleston. Jeff Yates is the Captain, runs a 24 Pathfinder and will always find fish. Hes an inshore redfish and trout guy, but his brother I think, is offshore.
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    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    What an awesome gesture by John. I had a nice conversation with Mike last night, high spirits as always, we're pullin' for ya brother.
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    Big Fish Transport

    Mike's the man when traveling across country.
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    Shipping rod tube

    I've shipped mine UPS in the past and not even needed measurements. I'd give Mike @ Big Fish Transport a call; he's in the business of tackle logistics for us "out of towners". PM me and I've got his info.
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    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    I second the mesh bag and pulling it behind in the prop wash, works better than oxyclean in a washing machine. At the end of the trip, give the shirts to the crew for wipes in the engine room if they want 'em.
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    Starting 'em off

    Good on you for getting him started early. Nice Sandy too.
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    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    Something to be aware of when choosing a rod for a youngster (or anybody for that matter) is reel placement on the rod. If it's placed correctly, it should feel comfortable and he can easily control it. This is where custom rigs can really pay off; built specifically for the angler with max...
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    Who in your life should have the combo to your gun safe ?

    I'm calling on behalf of your wealthy Arabian Prince Uncle who has some inheritance money to send to you; all I need is your gun safe combination and address, check's in the mail.