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    Things You won’t see on Float 12

    You won’t see a pair of Tiagra 50 Wides! Everyone using Electrics now days...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    At least learn how to mount the swivel correctly... JFC.. your not on a Grady anymore.. You're at least supposed to look like you know what you're doing now
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    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    Its the Perfect look for Towing the Tin Lizzy Great job man! Might i suggest splashing some salt water all over the bed to complete the look. Too much shine as it sits.
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    Remember when this happened ?

    i remember this one..... then there was this one that went away...
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    Saltwater Wanted: Small Mesh PS Shrimp Pots

    Anyone have any of the Small Mesh Puget Sound Shrimp Pots laying around they dont use? Im thinking of trying for Coonies in the Deep South this summer, since the Spot Season is such a joke. Looking to buy a couple if anyone has any they want to get rid of. These are the 1/2 in small mesh...
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    Spot Shrimp Season

    My crystal ball says 0 days MA13 4 hours total in MA 10, 11 4 hours x 4 days in MA 12 4 days x 6 hours each in 9 But... Open Year round in MA 1, 2 3 .......:ashamed:
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    Yamaha F8 choke

    Is it part 19 in this pic? $6.79 at SIM Yamaha 6H4-41271-02-00 part # or part 22? Or $396.00 for the whole carb :) Includes new choke rod Or can of starter fluid... $3.99 You’re welcome
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    Saltwater Anything to catch in Area 13 this time of year?

    We launch in 13 then travel up to Tides Tavern in 11 for barley pops N Nachos. But dont tell anybody.
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    A LOAD of gear!!!

    dang.. i wish i saw this earlier... I'd have traded you for a barrel.
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    Weird looking aluminum cat

    dam! And here I thought an ACB was the ugliest alloy boat
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    Stay tuned...

    looks underpowered. Could this be used to fish for Tuna?
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    24' North River OS

    HA Key phrase is make a profit :) I like bidding wars!
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    24' North River OS

    Congrats on the quick sale. After seeing the prices used boats are fetching, I think im gonna hold mine a few more years and make a profit!
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    Fishing Rods Tuna/Halibut Salmon

    I'll do $200 + the LU or Just slide it back under your bed, So i know where it is after I hit a log.